PMO Advisory Launches Portfolio Management Landscape Study


Construction Portfolios

Portfolio management is one of the latest frontiers in project management. Serving as a bridge between planning and execution, portfolio management is a vital component of the overall project management value chain. By enabling organizations to select the best ideas and plans for investment, portfolio management is at the core of “doing the right things”.

Yet, there are significant gaps in our understanding of portfolio management at multiple levels.

  1. Between companies and organizations. The discipline of portfolio management is very new and there are wide gulfs among the practices and maturity. This is to be expected.
  2. Between application and academia. What is more surprising is the big chasm between research and practice. Much of the literature on portfolio management assumes a narrow definition of portfolio and its activities, while in practice, portfolio is much broader.

As a leader in project portfolio management, PMO Advisory is conducting a portfolio landscape study. This is an ongoing study, and it is by invitation only. But if you like to contribute, please complete the short questionnaire here and we will respond shortly.  Thank you in advance.

– Dr. Te Wu

Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. Why are we doing this? Project portfolio management is an emerging field. Based on our field experience, we see many variations of portfolio management across industries. For example, some portfolios are responsibly mainly for the execution of a pre-approved list of projects. While in other cases, the portfolio management’s scope span across idea generation and all the way through operational management.  If we are to improve the practice of portfolio management, developing a better understanding of landscape is important.


  1. How long does it take to join this survey?  About 15 – 30 minutes. We already tried this survey with an Early Adopter Group to estimate the time.


  1. Why should you participate? Three primary reasons: a) You are helping to advance the field. b) You are helping yourself. We will send you the completed study – to help you benchmark or learn about portfolio management. c) You can also request for a coupon of 20% off our upcoming PgMP and PfMP bootcamp.


  1. How are you sharing the information? To maintain confidentiality, we will only show aggregate results, not individuals ones. If you continue to have privacy concerns, you can also complete the survey anonymously and request to receive a copy of the completed analysis separately. This study is sponsored by PMO Advisory, and as such your name will be added to the company database. But you can opt out of all communications, except research oriented.


  1. What is the current status of the survey? Currently, just a week after launching the survey, we have received over 30 excellent responses. (We removed the incomplete responses.) This is “good enough” for a preliminary analysis, but we are seeking more responses.  Our plan is to keep the survey open for the foreseeable future, and once we receive a critical mass of responses, we can update our research findings and share it with the contributors for free.


  1. Who do I contact with questions? Please contact me directly or email the research team at We are also exploring additional research topics, so feel free to suggest your ideas.


  1. How do I join again? This survey is by invitation only, and we seek inputs from qualified project professionals. Click here to for a short questionnaire to submit your interest. We will respond shortly.


Also, if you portfolio management colleagues who may wish to participate, please forward them this article.  Thank you again for your time.