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Released: December 2023

This December: PMO Resolutions for the New Year

The transition from one year to another provides a natural opportunity for reflection and goal-setting. As we approach the end of 2023, encourage Project Management Offices (PMOs) to take a proactive stance by setting resolutions for the upcoming year.

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What we have for you this December:

As the calendar turns, project management leaders are presented with a unique chance to redefine their strategies, enhance their capabilities, and set the stage for a year of unprecedented success.

Why I.T. Projects Still Fail

About Rising to the Top: Becoming A Chief Project Officer Summit

Companies know that projects are very important to their success, and making sure that projects are managed well so that they get the results that are wanted is often at the top of the executive list. One sure way for professionals to move up in their company is to show they are competent and can give results. Project management is a lively and interesting field that can lead to satisfying jobs. As technology improves, like artificial intelligence, many project management skills can still be used in a world of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) and won’t be easily replaced by new technology.

So far, a lot of attention has been paid to the hard and soft skills of project management. These skills are useful, but they’re not enough for ambitious people who want to get to the top of the executive room. This summit series tries to look at things as a whole by talking about more than just hard and soft skills. It also talks about artistic, people-centered, and strategic skills. Dr. Te Wu, our CEO, wrote a study paper called “The Chief Project Officer: A New Executive Role For Turbulent Times” that was published in the Journal of Business Strategy. This is where the core comes from. This story talked about 20 important skills that people who want to get to the top should have.

There hasn’t been a place for project managers to talk about, network, and learn these important skills until now. They are needed not only to live in this moderately advanced age of technology, but also to thrive. The presentation covers a range of topics that can help you get to the top of the project management job ladder and become a Chief Project Officer. This is true whether you are just starting out or many years into your journey.

Important: As a part of our social mission to advance project management and help educators, students, and non-profit professionals, anyone with *.edu and *.org domain can register for free until December 15, 2023.

Nearing: Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP) Classroom Course on December 18-19, 2023 in Essex Suites, Verona, New Jersey

Portfolio management is a critical discipline within project and program management that focuses on aligning an organization’s projects and programs with its strategic objectives. The Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP) Classroom Course is vital for several reasons:

  1. Professional Recognition: Attaining the PfMP certification signifies your expertise in managing portfolios, showcasing your commitment to the profession. It is a globally recognized certification that sets you apart in the job market.
  2. Strategic Alignment: Organizations need professionals who can ensure that their project and program investments align with their strategic goals. PfMPs play a crucial role in achieving this alignment.
  3. Risk Management: The course emphasizes risk management at the portfolio level, equipping professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to mitigate risks and ensure that the organization’s resources are optimally allocated.
  4. Efficiency and Productivity: Effective portfolio management leads to increased efficiency, as it helps organizations avoid investing in projects and programs that do not contribute to their strategic objectives. PfMPs learn to prioritize and manage resources effectively.
  5. Competitive Advantage: In today’s competitive business environment, organizations that can adapt and respond to changing market conditions are more likely to succeed. PfMPs are better equipped to handle uncertainty and manage change.


    Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP) Classroom Course

    • June 24-25, 2024
    • December 12-13, 2024

    * The training site is located at Essex Suites in Verona, New Jersey.

    *Sessions are from 9AM – 5PM U.S E.T.


    Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP) Live Virtual Course

    Feb 2, 9, 16, 2024 (1 PM – 5 PM US ET) 

    Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP) Ultra Live Virtual

    • April 5 & 12, 2024 (1-3 PM U.S. E.T.)

    • June 21 & 28, 2024 (1-3 PM U.S. E.T.)

    • Sept 6 & 13, 2024 (1-3 PM U.S. E.T)

    Program Management Professional (PgMP)


    Program Management Professional (PgMP) Ultra Live Virtual

    • February 6 & 13, 2024 (10-12 PM U.S E.T)
    • June 18 & 25, 2024 ( 9-11 PM US E.T)
    • November 11 & 18, 2024 ( 10-12 PM US E.T)

    Disciplined Agile Scrum Master (DASM) Live-Virtual Certification Training

    • Jan 16 (8:00 AM) – Jan 18 (1:00 PM), 2024
    • In partnership with Vitality Chicago


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