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It’s a challenge staying up-to-date given the incredibly rapid changes in the Project Management Profession. With your busy schedule, finding quality information that is relevant to your needs isn’t easy.   You can access our previous webinars online as your personal learning sessions facilitated by PMO Advisory experts, at your convenience to increase your knowledge and improve performance.  So please enjoy past PMO Advisory webinars below which offer relevant content, for free, and available on demand at your convenience – right below!

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Program Management Summit

October 01, 2024 | Live-Virtual

Program Management Professional (PgMP) Success Webinar

Summary: The Program Management Professional (PgMP) certification is the next step in the evolution and progression of project management, and currently, there are just over 3,000 PgMP. PMO Advisory, a leader in PMI exam certification, has been preparing professionals for the PgMP exam since 2016 with a success rate of 99% of first time pass rate. With this enviable track records, Dr. Te Wu wrote this new book based on the same training approach and content. Please join us this webinar to learn more about this book and our training program. As a small bonus, registered attendees will receive an offer to receive a free copy of the book.

How to Prepare for the New Project Management Professional (PMP®) Exam

Summary: The PMP Exam has changed, and there are significant differences in the new exam. Not only are there much more agile questions, there are also reorientation of the questions. Just as important, there are even new types of questions. For those who are considering the PMP certification, this webinar may be indispensible. In addition, we are offering a special price for the pre-registration of our PMP Exam Preparation Bootcamp.

Supercharge Your Career in Project Management, from Entry-Level to Chief Project Officer

Summary: How often do you wonder about your career in project management? What should be the next step? Should you pursue a certification? How do you turbo charge you career? If you are ambitions and asking these questions, then this is for you. This presentation is designed for project professionals of all levels as it presents a comprehensive career map, a journey that starts from the entry-level, progresses through project-program-portfolio, and reaching for the elusive chief project officer.

Strategies for Project Management in Uncertain Times

Summary: Risk Management is more than identifying risks. It is reducing the probability and impact of your project risks. Join this interactive session to learn how to deliver projects on time, within budget, within scope, and with customer satisfaction, by using risk management!

Virtual Agile Teams

Summary: How can we use the skills we have in project management and working with virtual teams to support high performing virtual agile teams? With this, perhaps you can see the value in applying the skills of Virtual Agile Teams and the tools to use for Virtual Agile Project Management.

“5 Steps to Advance Your Project Management Career & Achieving Your New Year’s Resolution | Dr. Te Wu”


Are you like me and millions of others who ponder during the holidays how to best reinvent ourselves? For example, is it time to transition from your current career to one that offers more opportunities? Or have you been eyeing a certification that just did not have time to pursue it? How about learning something new, trying a new activity, or just exploring ways to advance your current career?

In this webinar, we will propose our 5 Steps process to make and keep your goals. Using project management as a backdrop, we will suggest important and proven ways in which you can advance your goals – whether it is to learn new skills, experiment with responsibilities, or earning new credentials. Download the webinar presentation.

“How to Best Complete the PMI Application for PMP, PgMP, and PfMP”

Summary: The application for PMI credentials, especially PgMP and PfMP is notoriously tricky for many reasons. This webinar demystifies the process, discusses some hints on how to best address the difficult questions, and provides how PMO Advisory has helped professionals successfully complete the application process.

“Managing Projects During a Pandemic”

Summary: As the world confronts the pandemic, project professionals are also refocusing their energy to tackle the unprecedented challenges. This webinar highlights ten important findings from the preliminary study. Some of the findings are expected, for example, most project managers are working on fewer projects. But there are also many surprises such as the positive impact of pandemic on project performance. For more information, visit our blog page to participate in this study or to request the preliminary report: https://www.pmoadvisory.com/blog/covid19-managing-projects-during-a-pandemic/.

“Bridging the Gap: Traditional to Agile Project Management”

Summary:  The Agile approach continues to grow in popularity, which is due in part to project success when using it, and the need for project management to be adaptable to changing Agile to be successful in your management of projects? requirements. As the playing field changes for traditional PMs, what do you need to know about.  In this webinar, we will first define what is means to be Agile and why and when to use an Agile approach for project management. We will then compare traditional project management to Agile project management, and lastly discuss some Agile methods.

“A Close Examination of the Boeing 737 Max 8”

Summary: Boeing has been in the news often recently, and it is not for any good reasons.  The Boeing 737 Max 8 is grounded world wide after two of the planes crashes killing 346 people.   This webinar takes a closer look at the development of Boeing 737 Max 8 from the perspectives of project management, program management, and portfolio management. Click here to download the presentation and here for more information about this webinar.

“Establishing & Operating a World Class Project Management Office (PMO)”

Summary: Over the past decade, PMOs have been growing across all industries. They are being viewed as the perfect choice for handling projects within any organization with an intense project environment.   In this webinar, we will first define the purpose and benefits of PMOs, present four models of PMOs from a Learning PMO to a Strategic PMO, highlight some of the latest developments, present steps to create a PMO, and finally discuss the best practices to operate, continuously improve, and develop a world class PMO.

“What’s Beyond Project Management Professional – PgMP and PfMP ?”  II

Summary:  This webinar is designed for advanced project management professionals who are looking to attain skills and certifications beyond project management.  Project management serves as the foundational building block to completing time-sensitive and often important endeavors. But as an organization increases its maturity, as competition heats up, and as our society is becoming ever more integrated and complex due to changes such as digitization, globalization, and regulation, project management itself is no longer sufficient to achieve that sustainable advantage.  In this webinar, we will highlight two advanced project management disciplines: program and portfolio management.

Everything About Project Management and the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification

Summary: Project management is becoming the dominant mechanism in which organizations implement their strategies. From public work projects such as building new bridges to companies attempting to make inroads with digitalization, projects and project management are becoming ever more prevalent. This webinar describes the power and potential of the project management discipline. It explains why project management is a worthy profession not only for the entry-level person but also for mid-career changers.

“Everything about Project Risk Management and PMI-RMP® Certification”

Summary: This webinar is designed for people who are serious about the management of unknowns, especially on complex or high-stake projects. The webinar will highlight:

  1. The ubiquity of risk in complex projects
  2. The processes of identifying, evaluating, and planning risk response
  3. How risk management credentials enhance the credentials of all project professionals, especially those already possessing PMP
  4. The latest development by the Project Management Institute and the new Global Standard of Risk Management for Projects, Programs, and Portfolios
  5. And for professionals who are serious about this specialization, we will provide a detailed overview of the Project Management Institute’s Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) certification

“Addressing the Fuzzy Front End (FFE) in Project Management”

Summary:  All projects confront the same problem – how to get started as efficiently and effectively as possible.  Naturally, the bigger, the more complex, the greater the number of stakeholders, the higher the risk and uncertainty, and the challenges of determining an optimal start becomes greater.  Often there are many, if not infinite ways of getting started. What is the first step? This is the problem commonly known as the “fuzzy front end”.

This webinar addresses this common project challenge, especially on innovative projects, head on.  After presenting the background with illustrated cases, the webinar will explore the implications of poorly managed as well as optimally managed projects.  We will present the common practices especially some specific issues.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in Project Management Webinar

Summary: The drive toward Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) has now embedded in the public consciousness. The necessity for awareness and attention to equality around the world is a foundational human right. DEI is a set of terms used mainly in the workplace to guide policies and programs, but it also has special implications for project professionals as they initiate, plan, execute, and close work. 

Please contributing to our mini-study on DEI (click here); it takes less than 8 minutes, and we plan to share the results soon. 

Webinar: Managing Project Uncertainty – Implementing Risk Management

Summary: The focus of this webinar is effective and efficient implementation of risk management within organizations or project teams. The presenter will lead attendees in discussion involving how to implement an effective risk management program. Successful strategies will be discussed to assist attendees in implementing risk management within their organization.

Download the webinar presentation here

Dare to Lead: Three Essential Rules of Project Leadership​

Summary: Popular myths about the glory of leadership abound, and consequently, most of us aspire to be leaders. But what is true leadership, especially on complex endeavors. True leadership is not about you, it is not about glory, and sometimes it is not even about success. In this webinar, Dr. Wu will highlight the three essential rules of leadership that serve as foundation to many leadership practices.

Download the webinar presentation here

Mapping a Journey from Ideas to Results

Summary: One of the hallmarks of successful organizations is their ability to transform their vision into concrete value, consistently and repeatedly. But perhaps just as important as the end goals or value achievements, the journey itself is invaluable to strengthen its people, processes, and the mechanism for this transformation.

Project, Program, and Portfolio Life Cycle

Summary: To be a more effective project, program, and portfolio management, it is vitally important to under the respective life cycles so professionals can address the pivotal questions that should be addressed at every stage of development.  This is especially important consultants who are looking to solve complex problems and undertake large projects, programs, and portfolios.  This webinar presents an advanced topic in project management.

“What’s Beyond Project Management Professional – PgMP and PfMP ?”

Summary: For project management insiders, the overall discipline is composed of three sub-disciplines called project, program, and portfolio management.  Comparatively, an overwhelming amount of attention is given to project management. It is by far the most popular, as demonstrated by having over 1,000,000 active PMPs in the world. But as organizations strive to attain additional competitive advantage, program and portfolio management are entering the forefront.  This webinar provides an introduction and comparison of project, program, and portfolio. Using a career ladder, it shows how professionals can build their experience and climb this ladder beyond project management. We will then discuss the challenges and opportunities preparing for these advanced certifications.

“Agile, It’s Just Not for IT”

Summary: What is Agile Project Management and when does it make sense to use it for Non-IT projects? What are benefits of using an Agile approach, and when is it not a good fit? This presentation provides an overview of a number of Agile methodologies and details their benefits, weaknesses, and when they are commonly used. Click here to download the presentation. The password to open is “PMO Advisory” (case and space sensitive).

“Portfolio Management Landscape – Preliminary Study”

Summary:  As a relatively young discipline within the broad umbrella of project management, portfolio management is gaining more attention from both practitioners and researchers. Yet, they often tackle portfolio management from very different assumptions, leading to a significant gap between application and research. This lead to confusion and sub-performance.  The purpose of this study is to understand the contour and key features of portfolio management, from the perspective of what actually occur in the real world.  The study is ongoing, and if you are a portfolio manager, then you are encouraged to participate. For more information, please click here.

5 Steps to Advance Your Project Management Career

Summary:  Are you like me and millions of others who ponder during the holidays how to best reinvent ourselves? For example, is it time to transition from your current career to one that offers more opportunities? Or have you been eyeing a certification that just did not have time to pursue it? How about learning something new, trying a new activity, or just exploring ways to advance your current career?

In this webinar, we will propose our 5 Steps process to make and keep your goals. Using project management as a backdrop, we will suggest important and proven ways in which you can advance your goals – whether it is to learn new skills, experiment with responsibilities, or earning new credentials.

“Everything to Know about Program Management (PgMP)”

Summary: Program management is one of the latest frontiers in the development and maturity of project management. Programs are collections of related projects, and they are managed as a program to achieve significant business benefits. Programs are usually large and complex, and managing them well is viewed as a competitive advantage.

Think about this example.  Imagine two competitors in the same industry: Company A successfully delivers a new capability, creates a new department, or develops a new complex product.  Company B, a competitor, struggles. Which company is likely to be more competitive?

This presentation provides an overview of program management, positions program management in the context of project, program, portfolio, and other organizational endeavors, highlights how to think like a program manager, and finally discusses the Program Management Professional (PgMP) certification.

“Implement PPM Book Tour”

In recognition of IPM Day we hosted a discussion on the newly released PMI® published book: Implementing Project Portfolio Management: A Companion Guide to The Standard for Portfolio Management. This book is a companion guide to Project Management Institute’s The Standard for Portfolio Management, currently in the Fourth Edition.  Enjoy the discussion below!

Below is an accompanying guide document for the above video, you can view it as a PDF in a second window (pop out) or download the PDF to view.

“Everything You Need to Know about Agile Project Management & the PMI-ACP Certification”

Redefining Project Management & Unleashing its Power: A Free Webinar on How Projects, Programs, Portfolios, PMOs and Managing Risk, Agile Come Together to Deliver Value

“Everything About CAPM – A Gateway to Becoming a Professional Project Manager”

Project management is becoming a general business skill, and its application can be seen everywhere.  From the construction or repair of the latest bridge to managing new product development, project management is at the heart of getting the initiative completed artfully.  Projects are becoming so popular that there is a broad discussion of projectification of our society in which many, if not most temporary endeavors are managed as projects.  This webinar is designed for people who are serious about getting started in project management and highlights:


  1. The ubiquity of projects and project management in our society today, especially in business organizations
  2. How to start building your project management skills and gaining experiences
  3. For entry-level professionals who are serious about project management, the optimal certification to consider is the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) accredited by the Project Management Institute.