Strategic Business Execution


In this training seasoned project managers, PMPs®, and executives will acquire the strategic planning and management knowledge and skills they need to support corporate-level strategy development and successfully implement enterprise-wide strategy through projects at the operations level. 

The curriculum builds on essential elements from strategy and project management frameworks.  Attaining strategic goals and delivering real value requires competent project management that is guided by and aligned with an organization’s strategy. As business conditions are constantly evolving, organizations craft and implement refocused strategies to improve service delivery, align all employees to a greater vision and mission, align projects and activities to the refocused strategy, and delivery value for customers and stakeholders. 

Unfortunately, many of strategy initiatives fail to acknowledge that the delivery process is as important as the strategic plan.  Thus to participate in the formulation of corporate strategy and execution, you need a basic understanding of fundamental strategy concepts and tools such as mission, vision, goals, measures, and strategic objectives. This course is for anyone who manages projects and would like to ensure that their work is aligned to enterprise-wide strategy and goals, and would like to participate to the strategy discussion but is not familiar with the knowledge of strategy terminology and methodology.  

Who Should Attend?

Managers of all kinds (project, program, operations, & strategy implementation),  budget & operations analysts, executives, and anyone who contributes to successful project implementation.


Course Benefits

In participating in this training you will learn how: 


  • Core strategy components integrate together
  • To align projects better to enterprise-wide strategy, objectives and goals
  • Strategy, founded on core project management principles, can improve organizational performance
  • To participate in crafting corporate strategy, including the formation of organizational mission, vision, strategy, strategic objectives, meaningful performance measures and targets, and initiatives
  • To prepare for challenges and solutions for a more aligned strategy implementation
  • To engage leaders and employees in the planning process