Project Management Certification Training Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is PMO Advisory’s Money Back Guarantee policy for PMP, PgMP, and PfMP?

Our Money Back Guarantee (MBG) has a simple rule: with the support period purchased, pass our exam simulator in Exam mode at 85% twice in 7 days and take the actual exam 7 days thereafter. We currently have a 100% pass rate on the 1st try.

But if you did fail after following this rule, let us know and we will work with you to develop a study plan. We will also pay for the re-exam fee up to three times within the support period and up to the fee you paid. Any fee remaining will be refunded to you directly.


What do I receive included with my course registration and payment?

Participants receive the following: 1) Participant course manual that is aligned with the appropriate PMI Standard; 2) Access to Practice Test Simulator*; 3) Access to your instructor for Q&A as you prepare to take the exam, plus e-mail support*; and 4) Free attendance at future similarly delivered courses.  * Access duration depends on the support package purchased.


What is so unique about your simulator?

For PMP, PgMP, and PfMP, we offer Exam Simulators that include both Flexible and Exam Modes.  The Flexible Mode is designed for practice – when someone has an hour to practice; it is generally 50 questions randomized from our large test bank.  The Exam mode simulates the actual exam, with the same time and # of questions to test your aptitude and readiness rigorously.


How do I know I am ready to take my certification exam?  What is PMO Advisory’s Methodology?

You are ready when you use our Exam Mode and score 75% or higher two consecutive times within 7 days and then take the actual exam within 7 days thereafter.  Note: For Money Back Guarantee to apply, the score must be 85%.  See Q1 for Money Back Guarantee details.


What is your pass rate for participants who take your course and then sit for the exam?

PMO Advisory is proud to maintain a 100% pass rate on the first attempt for all participants following our methodology. See Q4 for our methodology and Q1 for Money Back Guarantee.


How was your curriculum and course developed?

Our CEO, DR Te Wu, who is certified in PfMP, PgMP, PMP and PMI-RMP, and sits on the Core Standards Committee for PMI’s Portfolio Management and Risk Management has been the architect and advising authority for all courses.  PMO Advisory was the first to develop a course for PfMP certification training after the certification came out in 2014; was one of the first to offer updated courses for both PgMP’s 4.0 Standard and PMBOK 6.0 for PMP at the time of conversion to the new Standards, complete with new updated Simulators.


What is the quality of your Instructors?

Our courses are taught by seasoned professionals with a depth of practical experience in their fields of portfolio, program, project, risk and agile management, including holding those certifications.  They are active on LinkedIn, and are available for contact, Q&A, and application review.

Do I receive application support with my course registration and payment?

It depends.  PMO Advisory offers free application support and review with our premium package.  On the other packages, it can be purchased separately as an add-on. We can not write the application for you, as per PMI’s Ethics Code, but we can review the application with you before submitting or in the case of an audit.  Application review is time intensive and expensive to perform.  We highly suggest seeking support elsewhere first. But if not, we are available for this service.


Do you offer any discounts on your courses based on needs?

Yes, we offer a variety of discounts such as early bird, volume discount, and institutional discounts. More importantly, we also offer value-exchange programs to extend our social mission.  Please visit for more information.


What is the difference between your Live Virtual (or Intelicamp) and Online Learning?

PMO Advisory is unique in that our Intelicamp is a blended learning experience that is virtual and live in real-time (not pre-recorded videos).  It is just like being in a virtual classroom with people from all over the world, especially when you can ask our expert instructors important questions.  We do provide a recording (video / audio) of our Intelicamp, and you will have that as a constant resource to study from.  But there is nothing like being in a live classroom with other people and your instructor, to interact, share stories and Q&A.


Is it possible for anyone from any country to join in your Intelicamp?

Yes, our live instructor led virtual learning environment has hosted participants from nearly every continent, including South America, Central America, North America (US, Canada), Europe (multiple countries), Middle East, Asia (India, South Korea, China), and Australia.  Our live experience has received rave reviews from participants from all over the world.

Do I need to have a special account or access to your live virtual environment?

No, not at all.  We use Zoom as our online application of choice.  It is easy to download and very simple to use and join.  We do recommend making sure your firewall supports the application and you also have stable high-speed internet access.


What types of payment do you support?

Check, Corporate Check, Purchase Order, Government Contract, P-Card, Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, Bank Transfers.


What is the format for your Live Virtual (aka Intelicamp)?

Delivered in 3 sessions of 4+ hours each, one day a week for 3 weeks.  The gap between allows participants to study and prepare for the next class.

What is the format for your Face to Face courses (aka traditional classroom)?

2 Days for PfMP, PgMP, PMI-RMP and PMI-ACP; 3 Days for PMP and CAPM.  Generally, 9am to 5pm daily


Do you offer course in my State in the USA or Country?

PMO Advisory currently offers classroom courses in the USA in New Jersey, New York City and Pennsylvania.  All three locations are near airports, and near affordable hotels.


Would you consider a course held at my company location?

Yes we would.  Please contact us for more information.  We have hosted courses in PfMP, PgMP and PMP at Government Agencies, Large Corporations, Defence Contractors, and Educational Institutions.


Do you offer courses in PMO?

Yes we do. But these courses are delivered (and often customized) specifically for clients. Please contact us for more information.


What is the cost of your courses?

It depends on the certification, and also the package one would need to properly prepare and be ready to pass.  Courses start as low as $799. The following are base package pricing which starts you off with a 30 day package of support: Found by visiting the main webpage for the respective certification:* where * is pfmp, pgmp, pmp, pmi-acp, and pmi-rmp.


Do you cover the cost of the Exam?

No, PMO Advisory does not and cannot include the cost of the examination in its pricing.  In the U.S. as well as most of the countries, PMI collects the examination fee. We advise becoming a member of PMI to get a discounted rate on the exam, plus being a member, to maintain the certification.  Please visit for more info.


What happens if I do not pass my exam?  Do you offer a refund?

See our Money Back Guarantee policy in Q1.


I am not ready to take a course yet.  What resources can I purchase in the interim to start studying?

This depends on the exam.  In general, our Simulator is the best resource for preparation, to provide a means for taking Q&A at your leisure, and then testing yourself to see how you score on a mock exam improves.  Some of our courses have books, such as PfMP and you can purchase “Sensible Guide to Passing the PfMP Exam” by DR Te Wu available on


I took one of your courses.  Do you offer anything additional that I can gain additional PDUs?

Yes, our Monthly Webinars afford you 1 PDU for attendance.  They are generally given the 3rd Wednesday of the Month on a very relevant topic for all.


Do we need to purchase your course manual?

No our course manuals for each certification class are compiled and developed as a PDF and then licensed to you individually for your own private use.  They will be emailed to you prior to the start of the course.


When I attend a Face to Face course, what do I need to bring with me?

Laptop or tablet, pen and paper, and a willingness to absorb and learn


Is lunch provided in a Face to Face course?

No, depending on the site, we may provide bottled water. We will have a scheduled lunch break for participants.


Are all classes guaranteed?

Classes will be guaranteed with a minimum number of participants for the courses. If you are traveling from afar to our classroom bootcamps, please check with us before making reservations.