Risk Management


Projects, by their very nature, always carry uncertainty (i.e. risk). This training course teaches the practical steps and skills involved in identifying and dealing with the broad range of uncertainty typically found in projects, commonly referred to as project risk management.  By learning and applying risk management best practices employees can greatly improve their ability to meet project cost, schedule, scope and quality objectives. This one-day workshop provides a set of tools and techniques to assess and enhance risk management. Participants will learn risk identification, risk analysis, and risk response techniques that will significantly contribute to project quality and on-time and on-budget performance. The workshop will look at risk management as an iterative process. Participants will learn how to establish objectives and regularly assess their project for impediments to achieving these objectives. 

Topics You Will Learn: 

  • Risk management – a system view 
  • Risk management concepts 
  • Risk Analysis • Risk Mitigation 
  • Risk Identification • Risk Quantification 
  • Risk Response Development 
  • Risk Response Control 
  • Contingency planning 
  • Using risk models 
  • Risk abatement


Key learning objectives include:

  • how to improve the identification of risk on your types of projects
  • how to assess and analyse risk
  • how to manage risk and demonstrably increase the likelihood of project success
  • how to develop successful mitigation and contingency plans
  • how to conduct a formal risk assessment and develop your own risk management plan


Who Should Attend:

This workshop is for both management and non-management personnel who are interested in learning how to identify, assess, and manage project risk.