Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP)® Certification Training

Upcoming: PfMP Classroom Course on June 24 to 25, 2024

Portfolio management is the latest frontier in project-, program-, and portfolio management (aka PPPM), and the discipline serves as a bridge between stratetgic planning and project/program execution.  PMO Advisory is a pioneer in this field as we are one of the first company to offer the Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP) Bootcamp.  Since 2015, after our CEO, Dr. Te Wu published a Sensitive Guide in Passing the PfMP Exam, PMO Advisory has built a library of over 1,700 questions and multiple modalities in all pricing points to help professionals with this exam. As an authority in this field, he is the current chairperson of PMI’s Portfolio Management Standard Committee leading the development of the next edition of the Standard for Portfolio Management 5th Edition. Dr. Wu has also authored multiple books and articles about portfolio management; click here to learn more. 

We have achieved 100% first time pass rate for those who follow our methodology, and our methodology is simple: Achieve 75% or higher in or PfMP Exam Simulator in the Exam Mode two consecutive times within 7 days and take the actual exam within 7 days.”

I. Current PfMP Bootcamp Products:

Traditional Classroom

This bootcamp is two full days of immersive learning taught by Dr. Te Wu.  This course is the most effective, especially for those who prefer in person learning.

The fee for the Base Package starts at $2,199; see below for details. Click here to register.

Classroom Bootcamps (2 Days)


Dec 12 to 13, 2024 (9:15 AM - 5:15 PM US E.T.) at Essex Suites in Verona, NJ for more information.


Live Virtual

This bootcamp is delivered via Zoom, and it is three sessions of 4 hours each.  This modality provides a high degree of flexibility for those who wish to learn in real-time from our certified PfMP instructors.

The fee for the Base Package starts at $1,299; see below for details. Click here to register.

Intelicamp (Live Virtual) Bootcamp


Oct 4, 11, 18, 2024


Sessions are scheduled at 1 PM to 5 PM US ET

Ultra Live Virtual

Ultra Live Virtual is designed to provide of both worlds: independent learning (e.g. pre-recorded videos) with real-time instructions (2 sessions of 2 hours each). This is designed for those who are too busy for long sessions but still want face-time with our certified PfMP instructors.

The fee for the Base Package starts at $799; see below for details. Click here to register.

PfMP Ultra Live Virtual Sessions (2-hr Each)


Sept 6 & 13, 2024 (1-3 PM U.S E.T.)


This course is blended, combining pre-recorded videos and two live virtual sessions of 2 hours each with one of our PfMP certified instructors.


This modality is designed for those who are truly too busy or live and work in a timezone that is not compatible with our real-time sessions. The fee for the Base Package starts at $499; see below for details. Click here to register.

Support Upgrade & All-Inclusive Package

Extended SupportPurchased at the same time with Base*Purchased Afterwards
30 DaysBase Package (30 days access to simulator and instructor support)
60 Days+$150+$250
90 Days+$250+350
180 Days+$400+$500
270 Days+550+650
365 Days+$700+$800
Application Review: $300 (1st Review); $250 (Subsequent Review)
Special: All Inclusive Package - 365 Days and 2 rounds of Application Review:
1. Classroom: $2,999
2. Live Virtual: $2,099
3. Ultra Live Virtual: $1,599
4. Pre-Recorded: $1,459

The starting fee listed above includes 30 days of support, which includes access to the PfMP Exam Simulator, access to pre-recorded videos, email support, and additional courses at the less expensive within the support period (e.g., if you attended a Classroom bootcamp and wish to attend the Live Virtual or Ultra Live Virtual within the support period, just email us and you can attend for free.)   You can also purchase longer support and access, or purchase an all-inclusive package including Application Review. See below for the various options.

Note: While we strive to help everyone equally, we reserve the right to reject Application Review (mainly because we had a number of bad experience in which we had a difficult time understanding certain applications).  We would refund the fee for Application Review, and if you purchased Application Review as a part of all-inclusive package, we will pro-rate that refund.

Do It Yourself

For those who are on a tight budget, we offer four resources to help you: 

  1. PfMP Exam Simulator for DIY Customer. This is a limited version of the full exam simulator; it contains 780 Questions.
  2. Book: Sensible Guide to Passing the PfMP.  This is the original book published in 2015, and still one of the highest rated book in its class. It is available on Amazon.com.
  3. Book: Making Choices. This is a fictional book that covers some of the “major firestorms” that portfolio professionals may face, and it is designed for those who have a more limited portfolio management experience. It is also available on Amazon.com.
  4. Book: Implementing Project Portfolio Management. This book is written by eight of the PMI Core Team members that developed the Standard for Portfolio Management – 4th Edition. Dr. Wu is one of the two lead editors, and PMI is the publisher.  It’s available everyone, including Amazon.com.

PfMP Exam Preparation Product Comparison

ResourcesDo It YourselfPre-RecordedUltra Live Virtual, Live Virtual, Classroom
PfMP Bootcamps
Pre-recordedNot AvailIncludedIncluded
Workshop MaterialsNot AvailAvail (+$125)Included
Real Time SessionsNot AvailNot AvailIncluded
Extended Support Not AvailUp to 365 DaysAvail
PfMP Exam SimulatorDIY version (780+Q)Includes Full Simulator (1,780+ Questions)
Sensible Guide to Passing the PfMP. Available on Amazon.com.
Making Choices. Available Amazon.com.
Implementing Project Portfolio Management. Available on Amazon.com.
Free Resources for Everyone
PfMP Exam Simulator (Free Version with over 50 questions)
PfMP Readiness Assessment (Free)
LinkedIn Group - Achieve PfMP (Free)

II. More about Portfolio Management

PfMP Real-Time, Expert-Led Bootcamps

Beyond PMP: PfMP & PgMP

PMI’s 2015 report, Delivering on Strategy: The Power of Portfolio Management, found that organizations that have mature project portfolio management practices in place gain a significant advantage over competitors in that they “complete 35 percent more of their programs successfully, fail less often and waste less money.”  PfMPs are rare, having only been in existence since May 2014 and as of January 2019 there are 625 PfMP certification holders in the world. PMO Advisory is a leader in project portfolio management with offerings across training (for knowledge and application), boot camps (for passing the PfMP exam), and consulting services.  On PfMP exam preparation, we also offer the widest range of products and services, suitable for all budgets – free to platinum service.

III. Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP) Certification Bootcamp Resources

Course Description: Studies have consistently shown organizations today fail to implement their strategies. The failure rate differs among studies, but even the most optimistic puts the failure rate at 50% with some studies showing as high as 90%. One of the primary reasons for strategy implementation failure is poor project investment selection and poor organizational focus. This results in significant waste and ineffective use of precious assets and resources. Confronting the issue of investment selection and prioritization as well as limited resources, organizations must work “smarter” by focusing their limited resources on the most important and highest priority endeavors. PMI created the PfMP credential in 2014 mainly focused on addressing this major gap in organizational project management. Portfolio management is commonly viewed as the apex of the project management professional ladder. Portfolio managers often plan mid- to upper-level leadership roles, working with business executives to influence and determine project investments. The PfMP certification provides the necessary credential and credibility to be at the same table with senior executives.

Course Objectives: Upon completion of the course, participants will have an understanding of:

  • Pass the PfMP Exam on the first try (by applying our methodology)
  • PfMP Application process, requirements, and PfMP exam outline
  • What are Portfolios and what is Portfolio Management
  • The interaction between Portfolio Management, Program / Project Management and Organization Strategy
  • The Role of the Portfolio Manager and other key roles in Portfolio Management
  • How to design, Prioritize, build the portfolio and manage the portfolio component relationships
  • The Three Portfolio Management Process Groups and the interactions among them
  • The five Portfolio Management knowledge areas

Key Course Topics: This portfolio management test prep course is designed to prepare you for the PfMP credentialing examination, which is offered by the Project Management Institute. With lessons on data analysis as well as business communication and collaboration, the course contains engaging lessons and self-assessment quizzes to help you review the concepts and practice the types of questions you can expect on the exam. The course helps you study several portfolio management topics, such as:

  • Lesson (1):   Introduction to Portfolio/Program and Project Management  
  • Lesson (2):   Portfolio Management Overview & Organization  
  • Lesson (3):   Portfolio Management  Process Groups
  • Lesson (4):   Portfolio Strategic Management
  • Lesson (5):   Portfolio Governance Management
  • Lesson (6):   Portfolio Performance Management
  • Lesson (8):   Portfolio Communication Management
  • Lesson (9):   Portfolio Risk Management

Target Audience: The target groups of PfMP Certification holders are senior leaders who are helping their organization with project investment decisions. These includes:

  • PMO leaders who are managing large quantities and pools of resources and wish to move into the driver seat
  • Project managers and program managers who are managing portfolios of initiatives
  • Financial, marketing and operational executives who work closely with project managers in their organization and who are in a position to influence and contribute to the strategy implementation process
  • Up and coming project professionals who are ready to take the next leap into mid- to upper-level management in their organization
  • We also have seen a high number of senior project professionals who are “accidental project managers” and who have grown beyond the PMP credential

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Who will benefit from the course?: As the PfMP certification is the most elite PMI qualification, credential holders will gain a distinct advantage in employment and promotional opportunities over their peers and this course is ideally suited for current program, project, and portfolio managers, along with VPs/AVPs, PMO Directors / PMO consultants.

Why Us (Short Version)? 

  • We are striving to maintain a 100% first-time pass rate, by following our Methodology*
  • We provide Money-Back Guarantee, for those who abide by our Methodology
  • We have the most comprehensive resources – 560+ slides in the bootcamp workbook, 1800+ questions, 3 books, readiness exam, LinkedIn support group, job aids, etc.
  • Our CEO, Dr. Te Wu, is an authority in portfolio management. He is the current PMI chairperson leading the development of the next edition of the Standard of Portfolio Management. (He was previously a core team member on multiple PMI standards, including The Standard for Portfolio Management – 4th Edition.) PMI also published a book in which he was one of the two lead editors: “Implementing Project Portfolio Management”
  • We are the one-stop shop for PMI project management certifications
  • For more reasons, see Why PMO Advisory? (Long Version).

Our Methodology

Short version: “Pass our Exam Simulator in Exam Mode at 85% two consecutive times within 7 days and take the test in 7 days”

Long version:

  1. Practice using our Exam Simulator in Flexible Mode
  2. Once you start to achieve 70%+, start using the Exam Mode when you have four hours. You may also wish to schedule the actual exam. Depending on your schedule, our recommendation is two weeks out.
  3. Within the next week, practice using the Exam Mode as often as you have time. You know you are ready when are able to achieve 75% or higher.
    • Everyone who had achieved 75% or higher in our Exam Simulator in Exam mode two consecutive times within the 7 days and takes the exam within the next 7 days actually never failed the exam.
    • But for the Money Back Guarantee to apply, as our “skin is in the game”, the threshold is set at 85%.


  • All applicants must possess a minimum of eight years of professional business experience AND
  • Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent)
  • 10,500 hours of portfolio management experience


  • Four-year degree (bachelor’s degree or the global equivalent)
  • 6,000 hours of portfolio management experience

Application Review:

PMO Advisory can also assist with application review, and this service is only for our customers. We will assign a PfMP certified professional to work with you. This is a standalone service (with the exception of all-inclusive package). Important: This is a resource-intensive service, and we only offer this as a part of our PfMP Bootcamps.  We also had instances in which the English language was problematic. Thus, we reserve the right to reject candidates for this service.

IV. Additional Resources for Preparing PfMP Exam

To support the growth of the Portfolio Management profession, PMO Advisory offers a range of resources to assist in the preparation of the PfMP exam.

  • PfMP Readiness Exam – Free evaluation of your readiness
  • PfMP Exam Simulator – Including a free version
  • LinkedIn Forum – Achieve PfMP!
  • Books
    • The Sensible Guide to Passing the PfMP Exam with 400 Questions (best seller on Amazon) – An exam preparation guide
    • Making Choices – A fictional book about a portfolio manager confronting real-life challenges. Through storytelling, our hope is that this book will provide readers with a realistic mindset to tackle the exam questions.
    • Implement Project Portfolio Management: A Companion Guide to the Standard for Portfolio Management – Our CEO was a core team member of the Fourth Edition. Here, working with seven of the other core team members, they created a guide to assist with the implementation. This book is also invaluable for exam preparation.
PfMP Readiness Assessment

PfMP Readiness Assessment

The PfMP Readiness Assessment is designed to evaluate your readiness for the PfMP exam. This can also be used as a “pre-test”.  Click here to access the assessment. Upon completion, we will email you a more detailed report of your performance.

Achieve PfMP – A Linkedin Group

We create a community of our portfolio managers, and it is the fastest growing of its kind on LinkedIn. There are now over 700 members. Click here to access the forum and request to join.

Portfolio Management Exam Simulator

To support portfolio management professionals, PMO Advisory introduced the first and largest test bank of PfMP practice exams. We have over 1,700+ questions in the full PfMP Exam Simulator for our bootcamp participants. But we have also created a library of about 780 questions for DIY professionals.

To get started, simply click on one of the plans below and pay with a credit card so you can gain immediate access. Due to system limitations, you would need to pay for each of the exams separately.

I found the PfMP practice exam on the site extremely helpful to prepare for the actual exam and I highly recommend it. The flexible mode was very convenient to take mini exams over and over again, to gauge how much time I was taking to answer questions and improve my pace.It helped me get familiar with many of the types of questions to expect on the actual exam and the explanations given for the questions I got wrong really helped me focus on weak areas and details I missed reviewing or memorizing. – Charmagne Tellis (PfMP, PMP, CSM, CIPP/US, CIPT)

Currently, we are offering 2 exam options currently: free and fee-based: Free Samples

Fee-based Exams

  • Practice Exam in Flexible Mode ($150) – Unlimited Access for 90 days – 50 questions per instance
  • Full Test in Exam Mode (170 questions in 4 hours for $75) – Three attempts only for 10 days access. The goal is to achieve 85% or higher before taking the exam. Important: The Exam Mode is designed for professionals who are “almost ready” for the actual exam and wishes to practice in a simulated exam mode. If you are still studying and practicing, please consider the Flexible mode which has unlimited access for 90 days.

Participants can earn an additional 6 PDUs (4 Technical; 1 Leadership; 1 Strategic) by practicing using our PfMP Exam Simulator.

Please note that we have seen cases of suspicious activities pertaining to the use of our exams. If we find such behaviors, we reserve the right to cancel your plan immediately. Thank you for your understanding.

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Sensible Guide to Passing the PfMP® Exam

The Sensible Guide to Passing the PfMP Exam

The Sensible Guide to Passing the PfMP Exam, Including 400 Practice Exam Questions Click here to download the table of content with sample pages. You can also purchase this book on Amazon.com in print or Kindle.

  • This book is designed to guide busy project professionals with the preparation and passing the PfMP exam, which is especially difficult due to the amount of experience required to qualify and pass the exam.
  • Unlike other related books, this book discusses the fundamental questions of why, provide lesson plans and study aids, and presents additional tools and techniques for portfolio management.

Why should you consider this book? The reasons are simple. This book is:

  • The first book on this top that is written by a certified portfolio manager.
  • One of the few (perhaps the first) to license intellectual property from PMI.
  • Presents a time tested system to passing the exam with shortcuts, exam aids and 400 practice questions.
  • More than a test guide. It is like a companion guide that advances project portfolio management.
  • Highest rated PfMP Prep Guide on Amazon. Here are two recent comments from those who completed the PfMP exam:

“I am ecstatic to share my view on this guide as it helped me to PfMP credential in so many different ways that I have not only passed the PfMP exam, but also I learned how to think always as a portfolio manager. Once one starts reading this book, I am sure experienced reader will immediately feel how this book can be of one’s benefit both for learning portfolio management and passing the PfMP credential exam. This book’s specific guideline along with 400 mock questions are really helpful to get an understanding of the PfMP exam. I would recommend this book is enough to get passed PfMP exam in addition to PMI’s standard for portfolio guide…” – Mohammad Rahman (PfMP, PgMP, PMP)

“I am preparing the PfMP test and I feel this book is extremely helpful. As I have done project/program excellence work in Microsoft while own P&L responsibility for eight years, I expected a book can quickly help me understand the PMI way of the portfolio management. However, I found out reading the dry content of the PMI Portfolio Management Standard which try to repeatly cover every single detail in each section somehow to a degree let me lose the focus. Luckily I found Te’s book could address the points with easy understanding logics. Especially, Te’s in-depth understanding of corporate business management using three pillar of Planning-Operating-Changing really simplify the overwhelming complex portfolio management content. Again, I am still learning and I appreciate this book. Cheers.” – Victor (Wei) Cai (PfMP, PMP, CISA)

Making Choices: Aligning Strategic Business Execution with Strategy Through Project Portfolio Management (Strategic Business Execution Series)

To buy this book at Amazon.com, please click HERE.

As a recent portfolio manager leading the enterprise portfolio management office (PMO) of a growing consulting firm, Isabella Garcia found herself confronting a series of real-world firestorms that includes: poor adoption of new knowledge management (KM) systems, punishing schedule changes on mission-critical projects, managing difficult resources and capacity challenges, attracting strong talents to her team, prioritizing projects within the portfolio, determining requirements in an enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation, managing up, down, and across the organization, and leading a merger and acquisition (M&A) endeavor. As a contemporary woman, Isabella is also confronting the challenges of balancing life, work, and more work. This a fictionalized business book based on actual and highly relevant situation that many project professionals, especially portfolio management professionals will face. The book is vital and relevant for those who aspire to complete the Project Management Institute’s Portfolio Management Professional (PMI PfMP) credential as one of the requirements is an experienced-based examination. Isabella’s many firestorms provide insights on the actual role of a portfolio manager and greatly enhance both the understanding and application of project portfolio management.

Book cover: Implement Project Portfolio Management

Implementing Project Portfolio Management: A Companion Guide to the Standard for Portfolio Management

This book is a companion guide to Project Management Institute’s The Standard for Portfolio Management, currently in the Fourth Edition. It is written by eight of the original twelve core team members who updated the standard. As a companion guide, this book dives into greater details on each of the performance domains. The book is organized into three sections for three target audiences:

  • Business Executives – Part 1 of the book includes Chapter 1, which provides a comprehensive but high-level description of portfolio management, including the what, why, who, and how.
  • Portfolio Leaders and Practitioners – Part 2 of the book, Chapters 2 to 8, offers an in-depth examination of the various performance domains discussed in the Standard for Portfolio Management – Fourth Edition. In addition, this book goes beyond the standard with additional domains and concepts that are in practice today.
  • Portfolio Thinkers – Part 3, the final chapters, is designed for tinkerers and inquisitive professionals who want to look ahead and see the future of portfolios and some areas of the latest development. Part 3 is a true work in progress.

V. Everything About Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP Certification)

About the Exam The PfMP exam is part of a four-week credentialing process that leads to a professional portfolio management credential from PMI. The exam contains 170 multiple-choice questions that are divided into five domains, including strategic alignment, governance, portfolio performance, portfolio risk management and communications management. Test takers have four hours to complete the certification exam, which can be taken after an initial application review and evaluation from a panel of portfolio managers.

PfMP Certification Overview

The credentialing process prior to sitting for the exam consists of a review panel with strict steps and deadlines. The process takes about 4 weeks to complete once you’ve submitted your application until you’ve cleared PMI’s review panel to be able to sit for the exam and is as follows:

Application: Your application will include all of your portfolio management experience.  PMI prefers all applicants apply via their online certification system, but they will allow printed applications on a case-by-case basis. Once you begin the application you have 90 days to complete it.   Here are some details you have to include in your PfMP® certification application:

  • Portfolio Management Experience: Number of Months:  Experiences are tabulated from the beginning and end dates of your portfolio management experience. You need to document 48-84 months of portfolio management in order to meet the 8-year experience requirement
  • Portfolio Management Experience: Number of Hours:  The application will ask you to record the number of hours of your tasks in five portfolio management divisions. Keep in mind that the required hours must be parallel to your educational attainment.
  • A Brief Outline of Your Portfolio Management Experiences:  As stated, in-depth details are required when documenting your portfolio management experiences. You have a maximum of 500 words—make sure you are clear and concise.

Application review: PMI will review your application for completeness, evaluate your skills, professional experience, as well as how you respond to a series of questions.  

Fees:  Exam fees are based upon PMI member status. The exam for PMI members is $800, non-members pay $1,000.  

Audit:  Though not common, it is possible that your submitted application can be audited as all applications are subject to be audited.   If you are randomly selected for audit you will have 90 days to submit supporting documentation that includes diplomas, and signatures of supervisors for all of the projects and programs listed on your application. PMI will review your audit as soon as they receive it.  If you are audited and complete the audit successfully you will move on to the panel review.

Panel review: The panel review will assess professional experience based on your responses to the Portfolio Management Experience Summaries on the application. The review panel is made up of portfolio managers selected by PMI. Each of the panel members is subject matter experts in portfolio management and trained by PMI to evaluate your experience. In order to avoid bias, your identity and location are kept confidential throughout the process. The review will verify that you have directly independently managed one or more portfolios.   Failure to clear the panel review means that you will be contacted to discuss your status and what you will need to do or improve upon before applying again. Passing the panel review means you are cleared to sit for the exam.

PfMP exam: Once you clear the review panel you will have up to one year to sit for the exam.  You will have 4 hours to complete the exam which is computer-based and consists of 170 multiple-choice questions. 150 questions are scored, while 20 are non-scored pre-test questions placed randomly throughout the exam.  You are permitted to take a break if you need one, unfortunately, there are no scheduled breaks and any time used taking a break eats into your exam limit time. If you fail the exam you can retake it two more times during the 12-month period following clearing the panel review.

The PfMP® certification exam targets five domains, all have corresponding tasks to complete.

  • Domain 1: Portfolio Strategic Management : 8 items / 25%
  • Domain 2: Portfolio Governance Management : 5 items / 20%
  • Domain 3: Portfolio Performance Management : 10 items / 25%
  • Domain 4: Portfolio Risk Management : 6 items / 15%
  • Domain 5: Portfolio Communications Management : 6 items / 15%

The questions are situational and the responses have to be based on the processes defined in PMI’s Standard for Portfolio Management.     The next PfMP® certification timeline is for those who have passed both the examination and panel review.  

  • Maintenance – Up to 3 years. You are required to earn 60 professional development units (PDUs) within that 3-year cycle.
  • Renewal – This is only available when you have earned your 60 PDUs, as well as renewal payment.
  • Suspension- This happens in the third year from passing your PfMP® exam. The suspension happens when you failed to submit the continuing certification requirements for renewal and maintenance.

Expiration – Same situation as stated above. You need to reapply in order to renew your expired credentials.

What is a PMI Authorized Training Partner (PMI ATP)?

PMO Advisory is a ATP #4172.  PMI ATPs are organizations that are approved by the Project Management Institute to offer training in project management and issue professional development units (PDUs) to meet the continuing education requirements needed by PMI credential holders. To earn the ATP designation, a provider must meet or exceed rigorous standards for quality and effectiveness as defined by PMI. When it comes to Portfolio, Program, or Project Management training it’s sensible and prudent to make sure the training firm is a PMI ATP.   There is a difference!

PMI Authorized Training Partner Advantages

Factors Differentiating Project Management Training  ATP  Non ATP
Demonstrated alignment with PMI, the world’s largest project management membership association. Yes No
Pre-approved by PMI to offer PDUs.  Certification holder PDU claims are automatically expedited for processing. Yes No
Qualifications are verified before acceptance and every three years thereafter through PMI’s quality review process. Yes No
Every project management course registered with PMI must be reviewed by an appropriate and valid PMI credential holder. Yes No
Verified focus of courses and learning outcomes. Yes No
Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification prep courses must be taught by valid PMP certification holders. Yes No
Instructors must be current in learning methods and must continuously enhance their skills. Yes No
Courses must be current and aligned to the latest PMI Global Standards. Yes No
Verified mechanism in place for students to provide feedback on courses to the organization and PMI. Yes No
Demonstrated continuous improvement of courses based on student feedback. Yes No
Continuous quality improvement process and procedures demonstrated throughout the organization. Yes No

The PfMP Certification Process Flow Chart

Source : PfMP® Certification Handbook – version 21 June 2017

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VI. Portfolio Management Institutional Training and Consulting Services

About Portfolio Management: Portfolio Management is the application of management activities to a collection of programs, projects and/or operations to achieve strategic business objectives.  Thus Portfolio Management is not just about ensuring profits but cohesively binding projects within the portfolio, so that they work in tandem to achieve global goals of the organization. The PfMP certification is an elite certification offering from the Project Management Institute.  PfMP credential holders are recognized for their advanced experience and the skills necessary to manage and align a portfolio of projects and programs to realize organizational strategy and objectives. PfMP professionals oversee the success of one or more portfolios, balance conflicting demands between programs and projects, and allocate resources based on organizational priorities and capacities. Portfolio Management is generally viewed as the apex of the project management career ladder. Unlike program and project management that mainly concentrates on “how”, portfolio management addresses the question of “why” and “what”.  As a Portfolio Manager, you would be required to manage various aspects such as time, cost, and resources by applying portfolio management best practices.

What makes PMO Advisory the Best Choice for your Project Management Training and/or Consulting needs?

The company is founded by a project management insider. Prof, Dr. Te Wu holds the following PMI certifications: PfMP, PgMP, PMP, and PMI-RMP (Portfolio, Program, Project and Risk Management, Professional) credentials. Prior to starting PMO Advisory, he was the head of the global project services at one of the Big 4 tax, audit, and advisory firms.  Complementing his practical experiences, he is also a quasi-academic who taught as an Assistant Professor at Montclair State University and a Visiting Professor at China Europe International Business School (CEIBS, ranked #1 in Asia).

Te founded PMO Advisory LLC, a management training and consulting firm that specializes in strategic business execution including portfolio, program, and project management.   Hence the foundation of PMO Advisory is rooted in project management expertise coupled with educational attainment.   We are uniquely capable as we serve the full spectrum of project management (portfolio, program, and project management) and leverage that in our consulting and advisory services.

We’re experienced professionals.  We speak human. We don’t clutter our communication with consultant-speak designed to make frameworks more difficult to understand than they or your issues are. We prefer to keep our language and our solutions friendly, simple and effective.  You’re not just hiring another training or consulting firm, you’re partnering with experienced professionals who will not only meet, but exceed, your expectations. We provide effective education that is grounded in years of successful application, not opinion or personal preference.  We focus on what makes our clients successful.

We care about your success.  YES, we really do!  We don’t just get to know you or your business, we take a sincere interest and genuinely want to help you and or your business realize lofty goals.  We want to know all about your vision for your career and/or company.   We personally invest ourselves in each trainee and every project we work on. Our programs will provide you and your business with a clear road map to success.

We’ve done our homework.  We’re extremely knowledgeable about serving busy people with busy lives and training trends. We embrace contemporary learning initiatives because we’ve seen first-hand the fantastic results that they produce. Whether you’re looking for a hybrid training of online and in-person / in classroom; whether organizational training or executive coaching or leadership training, you can be sure PMO Advisory is educated on a variety of solutions to meet your needs.

We are committed to quality.  We don’t settle for anything but the best, and neither should you when it comes to training. We’ve worked hard to find the best ways to provide our clients with affordable project management training programs and reasonable scheduling options without sacrificing the quality of our services.

We’re flexible, agile and cost-effective.  Because we are a small firm, we’re also responsive, flexible and agile. We adapt as your needs change, with speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness that larger firms just can’t match.  PMO Advisory does more than just deliver our project management training and management programs to you. We also make sure that the resources in your organization who will be implementing the programs know exactly how they work, why they work and how to help them evolve. We will make sure you’re set up for success before our work is done!

Our client satisfaction commitment.  A positive client service experience which meets (and ideally exceeds) your expectations is the goal behind all of our business interactions. Continually improving our service experience is the cornerstone of our operations.  Measurement and feedback are critical to achieving these goals. We continually collect client feedback — formal and informal; both good and not-so-good — and share it across the company. When the feedback is good, our employees are motivated to repeat and improve on their performance.

We offer a wide range of business execution and project management training. Click here for more information.

Portfolio Management Onsite & Custom Solution for Institutional Clients

For our business and institutional clients, we offer onsite training at the client location. The course can be customized between 2 to 5 days. Two days are generally designed as accelerated instructions for experienced professionals, and five day courses offer more time for exercises. Our general recommendation is 3 or 4 days.

      • Three Day – This is an accelerated program designed for experienced project management professionals. If your organization has strong portfolio managers who have limited time, this is the most effective course.
      • Four Days – This is the best course for most organization, and it is usually our recommendation. Beyond the Three Day, which is fast paced, this course provides more time for reviewing key concepts, practicing sample tests and conducting Q&A.
      • Five Days – This is an extended course for organizations and professionals who wish to spend more time on tools, techniques, and templates. This course is more than just passing the exam.

All the programs include the following:

      • Free attendance at any of our public courses – classroom or live virtual
      • Full access to online PfMP practice exam for up to a year for our course participants
      • Free exam aids and other course content
      • Latest content on certification preparation including latest war stories from people who have passed the exam
      • Most importantly, assuming you do your share of studying, you will have unlimited access to above for up to a year.

As a discipline, project management is both “deep” and “broad”. It is deep because project execution is managed at a detailed level; this means effective project managers must go beyond the knowledge in PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition and the other standards. Project management is also broad because it is a “meta-discipline” covering many areas of management including leadership, organizational behavior, organization change, to name just a few. PMO Advisory can customize a longer program for organizations that seek to substantially improve their project, program, and portfolio management acumen. PMO Advisory is one of the few firms that can offer training in Organizational Project Management spanning across project, program, portfolio, risk, agile, and Project Management Office. Please contact us with your detailed requirements and let us astonish you with what we can provide.

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About Intelicamp (The Short Read)

Today, working professionals are busier than ever. Worse, their ability to concentrate for a long period is disrupted by a million things at work and home – making traditional learning less effective for some people.  PMO Advisory has developed an “intelligent bootcamp,” or the Intelicamp, to provide an optimal approach to learning. At the heart of it, the Intelicamp is designed to address the five key differences in how professional adults learn. These include:

  1. Purposeful – Professionals are focused on a particular purpose and outcome
  2. Experience – By definition experienced, professionals are experienced and knowledgeable. This needs to be considered within the training design and delivery.
  3. Measurable – Professionals want clear feedback and knowing that they are making progress
  4. Value of Time – Time is the most precious commodity for professionals. They need trusted sources for Q&A and not waste time researching. They also are busy – making it difficult to carve out a day or multiple days, especially consecutive days, to study.
  5. Limited Attention Span – To optimize learning, most adults also require multi-modals of learning – a blended learning environment to maximize the effectiveness of learning.

We designed our Intelicamps to address these principles and optimally deliver the boot camp materials.  All Intelicamps are focused (e.g., on passing the certification exam) and modular, commonly at three sessions of 4 hours each. We only use highly qualified instructors who are certified experts in their fields.  Intelicamp is blended learning, combining the best of expert-led in a live real-time environment to answer questions with eLearning and large practice exams and exam simulators.

Collectively, PMO Advisory has achieved and is sustaining a 100% pass rate on the first attempt across our certification boot camps for those that follow our simple methodology. And the methodology is quite simple: pass our exam simulator at 85% two consecutive times within 7 days and take the actual exam in a week.

For more information, click here for “The Big Read” on how our Intelicamp works.

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Our Philosophy and Values

PMO Advisory is a PMI® Authorized Training Provider (ATP #4172)  and proud to be one the very few PMI® registered firms able to offer PfMP, PgMP, PMP,  and PMI-RMP Certification Training. We make tremendous effort to understand our clients, their needs and interest and align our products and services  accordingly.   Because we are a small firm, we’re agile and responsive. And we will adapt our training programs as your needs change with a speed larger firms just can’t match.  We’re committed to getting individuals, small teams, and organizations professionally trained and transformed in line with set goals.  You are guaranteed a positive client service experience which meets (and ideally exceeds) your expectations, this is our goal behind all of our business interactions.  Specifically we promise to:

  1. Focus on the benefit of the training as it relates to each customer’s individual needs.
  2. Be responsible and accountable for each customer’s success.
  3. Always act with integrity and dignity when dealing with customers, vendors and employees.
  4. Always EXCEED the client’s expectations.

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Dr. Te Wu, Founder & CEO