PMO Advisory strives to balance two chief objectives of the firm: making money and doing social good. On this page, we discuss three social programs designed to provide free or reduced fees to our training courses, along with discounts on our products and services.  This page is organized in two sections:

  1. General Discounts
  2. Social-Minded Programs


1. General Discounts

1. Very Early Bird Discount – 30% off our standard rate for the first two paid seats in our public training and boot camp courses. Please use VEB30% to claim this discount when you register for the course. We will check automatically and inform you if it is still available. Some specific terms and conditions for this discount.

  • The Very Early Bird special cannot be combined with any other program. This discount applies only to the registered class, and the discount is not transferrable to other classes.
  • Space is limited to the first two paid seats per class. After that, participants can be considered for other discounts. See below.
  • For changes, our standard customer policies apply. For more info, visit

2. Early Bird Discount – 20% off special for payments that are received 45+ days or earlier. Please use Coupon Code: EarlyBird20% to claim this discount or mention it in your inquiry.

3. Volume Discount – 5% – 15% discount for multiple purchases on the same purchase order and invoice:

  • Purchase 2 to 3 courses: 5% discount
  • Purchase 4 to 8 courses: 10% discount
  • Purchase 9 to 15 courses: 15% discount
  • More than 15 courses, please contact us

4. Price Match – We are confident that we offer some of the best training programs in the world and at a competitive price.  If you believe there is a comparable program, please complete this Price Matching Request Form to start the process. We will email you within two business days with our decision. If we agree the program is comparable, then we will discount a further 10% from the matched fee.

5. For businesses and institutions, PMO Advisory offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of project management courses. Organizations with intense project environments, including Fortune 500 companies, hire us to manage all their project management training across portfolio, program, project, risk, agile, PMO, and other business execution related courses. If you are interested in exploring this further, please visit, complete this short form to initiate an inquiry, call us at 844-PMO-CERT, or email us at

Note: For selective institutions and businesses, the above discounts can apply, but chances are our institutional discount agreements are more attractive. Please visit the webpage for your organization.

2. Social-Minded Programs

A. 10% discount to the following groups: active full-time students, U.S. military personnel and veterans, non-profits, and government agencies. Note: we reserve the right to request verification.

B. Value-exchange. Throughout the history of our firm, we have helped many professionals, especially unemployed or those who are disadvantaged somehow, by providing special discounts to offset the courses. We have now institutionalized a unique program for those who cannot afford to pay the training fee directly.  We are willing to offset the course fee in exchange for your contribution to help us grow. Participants can make a proposal and offset the training fee at $20/hour. We will review this based on a) participant justification; b) participant proposal; c) our needs.  We typically reserve 1-2 seats per course.  Please complete this short form (or just scroll down) if you are interested to be considered:

C. Free resources to support the growth of the project management profession

  • Webinar – For a limited time, you are invited to attend our PDU-earning webinars for free. To see our current, future, and past webinars, visit  You can sign-up there for free.
  • Books – We offer a number of our books for free on selective days throughout the year. Unless otherwise specified, these books are available in Amazon Kindle format.  You can simply go to “purchase” them on for $0.00.
    • The Sensible Guide to a Career in Project Management – Available for free on – 1/22/19, 1/23/19, and 1/28/19.


Important Notes:

  1. Most of the discounts, except the VEP program, are additive, and thus, the savings are substantial. For example, if a U.S. veteran is organizing a course for three of his/her friends and agreed to pay for them 45 days in advance, the discount will be 30% (20% for early bird, 5% for volume, and 5% for being a veteran).
  2. Discounts are not automatic and will be applied manually by our training staff. We will verify the required qualifications and notify you if there are questions.
  3. Discounts only apply to the training fees, and they do not apply to optional materials, additional services, and food and lodging fees at special events such as the Mega Bootcamp.


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