Accelerated Learning:

Power Up Your Productivity:

Getting the Timing Right and Managing Dependencies

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April 18, 2024
12:00 - 3:00 PM U.S. E.T.
PDUs: 4 (3 Ways of Working, 1 Business Acumen)

Power Up Your Productivity:

Getting the Timing Right and Managing Dependencies

During this workshop, we will delve into the significance of stakeholder management in project success. It is crucial to recognize that all projects are ultimately carried out for people. Understanding their goals, interests, emotions, and conflicts at an early stage can greatly impact the project’s outcomes. After all, it is the “who” that defines the deliverables and outcomes of projects, and it is also the “who” that sponsors and funds the project work. This emphasizes the importance of effective stakeholder management as a vital first step in any project.

To facilitate a comprehensive understanding of stakeholder management, we have designed two engaging activities for the workshop:

  • Identify and analyze stakeholders on a sample project: In this activity, we will provide a sample project scenario and guide participants through the process of identifying and analyzing stakeholders. Participants will learn techniques for stakeholder identification, such as stakeholder mapping or creating stakeholder profiles. By recognizing the various individuals and groups involved in the project, participants will gain insights into their roles, expectations, and potential impact on the project’s success.
  • Plan engagement with key stakeholders: Building upon the stakeholder analysis, this activity will focus on planning effective engagement strategies with the identified key stakeholders. Participants will explore different approaches to engage stakeholders based on their specific needs, preferences, and influence on the project. They will learn how to tailor communication channels, frequency, and content to ensure meaningful and productive interactions. This activity aims to equip participants with practical tools and techniques to foster positive stakeholder relationships and facilitate project success.

Throughout the workshop, we will emphasize the importance of empathy, active listening, and open communication when engaging with stakeholders. By understanding their perspectives, concerns, and aspirations, participants will be better equipped to align project objectives with stakeholder expectations, manage conflicts, and cultivate productive collaborations.

The workshop seeks to provide participants with a solid foundation in stakeholder management, enabling them to effectively navigate the complex dynamics of project environments. By applying the knowledge gained and utilizing the provided tools, participants will be equipped to create stakeholder engagement plans that foster project success and stakeholder satisfaction.

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Apr 2024

Leading Projects and Working with People


Even though “human” is a type of resource, its importance is self-evident. As such, we are dedicating an entire workshop focusing on people.  In addition to a brief discussion on leadership theories and ways of motivating people, we will also discuss a common challenge in projects – a lack of clear roles and responsibilities among the project team members.  This deficiency can cause headaches for the project managers, and in the worst case, confusing roles can also cause conflicts.  In addition, this session will also discuss project negotiations, and how negotiation can be an effective tool for resolving disagreements and conflicts.

As a part of the workshop, we are planning two activities:

  1. Apply RACI to drive clarity of responsibilities on projects
  2. Discuss principles of forming effective teams
  3. Examine selective project negotiation scenarios and determine optimal approach to achieving agreement

Learning Objectives:

  • Articulate the core principles of project leadership, negotiation, and creating high performing teams.
  • Apply selective tools and skills required for effective leadership, driving clarity of roles and responsibilities, and overcoming differences thorough negotiation.

    Schedule: THU | APR 18, 2024, 12 PM - 3 PM US ET


    May 2024

    Power Up Your Productivity: Applying Agile Project Management on Dynamic and Ambiguous Projects


    This is currently a TBD. 

    Agile project management is a relatively new topic, and the book “Optimizing Project Management’ only has a peripheral discussion on this topic.  We plan to develop a chapter on this topic in the coming month.


      Schedule: WED | MAY 15, 2024, 12 PM - 3 PM US ET

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