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Power Up Your Productivity:

Essential Project Management Tactics for Everyone

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July 7, 2023
12:00 - 4:00 PM U.S. E.T.
PDUs: 4 (3 Ways of Working, 1 Business Acumen)

Power Up Your Productivity:

Essential Project Management Tactics for Everyone

“There are just not enough hours in a day!” This is a common refrain from busy professionals, and for project professionals, statements such as this are likely made on a daily basis. This is the reality of the contemporary work environment for most people. But instead of complaining or accepting, consider this mini course to power up your productivity.

We designed this course for busy people who want to work smarter. Serving as an introductory course to project management, this course starts with a tour of project management and explains why it is one of MOST common and essential business skills for professionals across all industries and functions. Throughout the course, we will highlight many of the tools and techniques that can boost not just your productivity but also quality.

Course Objectives:

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Articulate the core principles of project management and how they can apply to all types of work.
  • Apply selective tools such as managing goals, people, work, time, conflicts, communication, and risks from project management to boost productivity.
  • Develop a roadmap to further advance your project management skills, especially for those who want to pursue project management as a career.

Who can benefit from this Course?

The target groups for this course are all busy professionals, especially those who are working on project teams and/or interested to learn more about project management. This includes:

  • Busy professionals working in conditions of multiple and possibly severe constraints.
  • Project team members, team leads, and resource managers.
  • Business and functional professionals who are managing or working on projects.
  • Up and coming project professionals who want to sharpen their skills, capabilities, and credentials in managing projects.


Course Description


Project management skills are not just for project managers. For anyone who is stressed about time and resources, this course opens new ways of accomplishing your work. For those who work in project intense environments, this is an excellent and concise introduction to the world of project management.  Project management is a fascinating and yet practical field. Not only does good project management boost productivity, but it can also power up earnings, too. For example, did you know certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) can earn an average of 32% more than non-certified professionals?

The course content is based on Optimizing Project Management, a recent book written by our CEO, Dr. Te Wu. With practical insights across multiple fields including management consulting, project management, and organizational change management, Powering Up Your Productivity contains tried and true tactics that work. By employing essential project management skills and techniques, you can streamline your work, stay organized, and successfully complete projects on time. Throughout this course, we highlight many useful strategies to enhance not just your efficiency but also effectiveness. 

Below is a sample of eight of these tactics:

Establish Clear Goals and Objectives

The power of clearly defined goals and objectives can be immense as they provide direction and focus. This will help you define and prioritize necessary tasks and plan effectively. 

Understand the people involved:

Work happens for and with other people. It is critical to understand and manage their expectations. By understanding people, professionals have the opportunity to create a win-win environment in which everyone thrives.

Define and accomplish work

Prioritize the scope of work as early as possible and get buy-in from the stakeholders. If work can be divided into smaller deliverables, that’s even better.  Studies have repeatedly demonstrated that smaller, incremental, and modular work are more likely to be successful.

Develop a winning schedule

Schedule is one of the most frequently encountered challenges, driving all kinds of difficulties. Success is far more likely when time is well managed. 

Empowering yourself and your team:

All work requires people and people are complicated, which adds to the overall complexity of projects. With greater clarity of tasks and assignments, followed by strong communication and training, people are more likely to be motivated and empowered to contribute. 

Manage conflicts for productive teamwork:

The  challenge of working with people is inevitable disagreement that may spiral into conflicts.  Yet a healthy dose of conflict can be productive, even desirable, to avoid pitfalls such as group think. This course will present some techniques to help you find that balance.

Unlock the power of clear communication to drive success:

Communication is perhaps the most frequent complaint on projects.  And it does not take much imagination to envision the detrimental effects of poor communication. This course will help you develop a clear communication plan, outlining how, when, and with whom you will communicate project updates. This reduces confusion and ensures everyone is on the same page .

Embrace risks to achieve greater rewards:

The project mindset means looking  at risk differently. Risk is uncertainty.  All projects drive change and innovation, so there is always an element of risk. . Just like conflict, risk can be positive or negative. What counts is action – the real problem is inaction. In short, if you want to differentiate yourself, you will need to embrace risks to achieve greater rewards. 

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