The following video is a recording from our webinar on July 28, 2020. This study is ongoing, and we welcome all portfolio management professionals to contribute to the study by clicking here.  Thank you!

Background: In February 2020, PMO Advisory initiated a landscape study of portfolio management. Aside from gaining insights and benchmarking, this information is crucial for practitioners and researchers to design and implement appropriate methods, approaches, and studies that more appropriate address the underlying factors.

This study is ongoing, and to date, we have received over 50 responses but only with 38 usable responses.  Therefore, we are releasing this preliminary finding highlighting five key findings. Our hope is that portfolio management professionals will find this information informative and valuable. Just as important, we welcome your contribution and involvement and also share this document with other portfolio management professionals.

Here are the five questions and results summarized in the preliminary report:

  1. How much time do portfolio professionals spent their time on portfolio management?
  2. What is the primary accountability of portfolio professionals to the portfolio they manage?
  3. What is the relative importance of the following business objectives?
  4. What percentage of projects or programs in your immediate organization or business unit that ARE NOT managed in portfolio management?
  5. What is the portfolio management maturity of the respondents’ portfolios?


To see the current response, please click here to request the preliminary report.  We are also encouraging project portfolio professionals to contribute to this study and to receive future updates of additional findings.  For those who contributes, we are offering two important benefits:

  1. Full analysis of the final results (once we are done.)
    1. We only make summary report available for free for the general audience.
  2. Request a 20% coupon for our Portfolio Management Bootcamp (and also Program Management Bootcamp).

To participate in the study, please complete the questionnaire here.  You have the opportunity to respond anonymously too; instruction is provided at the end of the questionnaire on how to complete the survey anonymously and also request for the final report. Thank you!

Stay healthy and be vigilant.