Small business are resource challenged, and this limitation drives small business executives toward more flexible approaches to managing projects. Agile project management, as described in this article, is one such approach. But work is still work, and while agile may save time and effort, it is not a replacement of hard work. Small business would likely go further by keeping the process simple, applying controls diligently so they are not burdensome, and keeping a sharp eye toward cost, schedule and progress.

Te Wu’s Comments on the article “How Effective Project Management can Help Small Businesses” by Sebastian Boyer (below).

Sebastian Boyer for writes: It is essential for every business to reach project goals within budget and the given timeframe. By project goals we mean the business value of the project, as well as team’s efforts to deliver the most valuable assets within the timeframe and budget.

Achieving this is a big challenge for small businesses as they have fewer resources compared to large organizations. The process involves identifying the right project management method and applying it to accomplish your project goals; something that promotes effective interaction and collaboration between team members by helping them to:

  • Study and understand how to do the work
  • Complete the task
  • Identify the limitations and challenges
  • Take initiatives to resolve complications within its scope
  • Collaborate with other teams to accomplish a given task

In short, effective project management tools simplify collaboration and also encourage sharing information within the team and with clients/partners. It is imperative to choose the right tool for a successful project management implementation. For example, a project management system that requires detailed and rigid structures and thorough task descriptions will hardly work well in smaller organizations. In contrast, a system that combines high-quality reporting with flexible organization will be more effective.

But before exploring how effective project management can help small businesses to grow, let’s dig deeper into the subject.  SNIP, the article continuous @, please click here to continue reading….