Does employee trust impact organizational performance?

As part of Brian Williamson’s doctoral research at Vanderbilt University, you are invited to participate in a study researching the implications of employee trust on organizational performance and stakeholder value.  


The CEO’s willingness to step up, lean into courage, be vulnerable, and recognize the potential in people and ideas is more important than ever during a year of systemic disruption for organizations around the world.  Williamson’s research intends to understand the ‘big picture’ of organizations and their impact on, and interaction with, employees and the implications on CEO effectiveness and organizational performance. He proposes that organizations who operate purposefully with a more complete and mutual form of employee engagement will be more successful than dominant profit-maximizing business models and therefore will help communities in which they operate and influence to prosper.


As someone who is in the arena and who strives valiantly day in and day out, he would like to hear from you. Investigations in this essential research will explore:

– The relationship between CEO effectiveness and employee trust

– The Net Contribution of an organization across Human, Natural, Civic, and Economic Capital

– The factors affect the trust, satisfaction, and loyalty of an organizations’ employees.


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Brian Williamson

Brian Williamson



Brian Williamson is an expert in the discipline of strategic portfolio, program, and project management focused on transforming organizational performance to create a new relationship between business, society, the environment, capital, and purpose. As a management consultant with over 22 years of experience helping organizations plan and achieve their strategic goals and objectives, Brian has deep industry experience in academia, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, and public sector.

Brian’s societal contributions in the areas of strategic planning, leading transformational change, and helping organizations align their portfolios to purpose have received international acclaim. In 2018, he was the recipient of the prestigious PMI Eric Jenett Project Management Award of Excellence. This same year, he was also recognized by the Connecticut General Assembly and the Governor of the State of Connecticut, with a Special Citation for innovations in the field of Project Management. He also received numerous citations from the Association for Project Management (U.K.), where he holds the honored designation of Fellow.

Academically, Brian holds two Masters Degrees from the NYU Tandon School of Engineering (formally Polytechnic University): Management of Technology  and Information Systems Engineering; a Bachelor of Science Degree from Teikyo-Post University; and an Associate Degree in Specialized Business from the Art Institute of Philadelphia. Brian is presently pursuing his Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Leadership and Learning in Organizations at Vanderbilt University.

Additionally, Brian has served on graduate advisory boards at Post University, Stevens Institute of Technology, and Rutgers University; he is also a  published author with the Taylor and Francis Group