Addressing the Fuzzy Front End (FFE) in Project Management


Wednesday, April 22, 2020, 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm  EST

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Summary:  All projects confront the same problem – how to get started as efficiently and effectively as possible.  Naturally, the bigger, the more complex, the greater the number of stakeholders, the higher the risk and uncertainty, and the challenges of determining an optimal start becomes greater.  Often there are many, if not infinite ways of getting started. What is the first step? This is the problem commonly known as the “fuzzy front end”.

This webinar addresses this common project challenge, especially on innovative projects, head on.  After presenting the background with illustrated cases, the webinar will explore the implications of poorly managed as well as optimally managed projects.  We will present the common practices especially some specific issues.

Description:   Chinese have an old proverb, “a thousand-kilometer journey starts with the first step.”  But what is the first step? How do you know it’s in the right direction? What are the prerequisites that must be dealt with?  What if the destination itself is rather fuzzy?

Projects, especially complex projects with high uncertainty as in the case of innovation, often have many if not infinite approaches of addressing the projects.  One of the first and perhaps most challenging project management activities is to find the optimal approach addressing this challenge. Seasoned project managers must analyze the situation, which includes the sponsoring organization(s), stakeholders, capability and maturity of the processes, the project deliverables themselves, and a myriad of other environmental, organizational, and team factors to determine the optimal approach.

This presentation explores this challenge, which also presents the greater opportunity at the start of the project to set the best course.  We will explore the specific issues and present common and best practices to manage this challenge. Finally, near the end, we will provide simplified tools to help you become a superior project manager who can start the project on the right path.

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Why Attend?  Learn about the success factors for managing the fuzzy front end and how FFE Innovation is the starting point where opportunities are identified and concepts are developed prior to entering the formal project and product development process.   Understand how and why innovation on the Front End is where exciting breakthroughs are created through a process that allows for creativity and value creation in a systematic manner different from the formal development process.

Earn PDU: For PMI certification professionals, this webinar earns 1 PDU toward re-certification.

Who Will Benefit? : Project Management Professionals, Product Managers, Designers & Testers and anyone involved in Business Analysis or Idea Generation. In addition, participants can earn 1 PDU (Professional Development Unit for PMI certification continual.

Outcome:  At the end of this webinar, participants should be able to understand the essential elements of creating, leading and sustaining a culture of innovation. You will be able to foster innovative behaviors and values; build innovation capabilities and create an agile and innovative organization.

Meet the Presenter

Dr. Te Wu

Dr. Te Wu


Professor Te Wu is an academic and a professional with over 25 years of work experience helping businesses to improve their strategy execution, over 15 years of teaching experience empowering students with management knowledge and skills, and now over 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur. His core belief is that most organizations and people have more ideas than they can successfully tackle. Thus, his recent work has focused on “getting the right things done, in the right way.”  In his professional journey to date, he grew from the shop floor to leading hundred million-dollar portfolios.  He is a researcher, author, speaker, teacher, and also a practitioner. Selective highlights of Wu’s work include the following:


  • Found and built PMO Advisor into a leading project management training (PMI Global R.E.P.) and consultancy
  • Professorship at multiple global universities including China-European Business School and Montclair State University. Also on the Project Management Advisory Board at Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Served/serving on two PMI Global Standard Committees: The Standard for Portfolio Management – Fourth Editionand The Standard for Risk Management in Portfolios, Programs, and Projects
  • Serving as a U.S. delegate on the International Standard Organization’s Technical Committee 258 for project, program, and portfolio management
  • International speaker including many PMI Chapters around the world, PMI®EMEA Congress, PMI China Congress, and most recently across multiple cities in China at the invitation of China’s State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs

Send us your email and we’ll send you an invite and instructions for this free LIVE webinar.



Addressing the Fuzzy Front End (FFE)


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