Project Audit

  • How certain are you of the project performance?
  • Do you want an independent validation on the project’s progress and project management rigor?
  • Or do you feel the project is not on track and yet you cannot pinpoint the problem?
If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, then we are the experts who can help you perform a wide range of project related audits and assessments. We work independently and our findings are always confidential.
  • Do you have a high stake project that is going badly? For example, has your vendor been issuing healthy status reports and yet the reality on the ground tells a different story?
  • Are you testing for the n-th time with positive results and yet the project manager refuses to release the product?
  • Are you overspending the project by over 50% and yet you are not sure what is coming in the next change request?
These are common symptoms of failing projects.

Call us immediately for a confidential discussion.  We will provide you with an objective analysis and work with you to develop a turnaround plan. We also perform “project rescue”.