Alliances, Partners, and Collaborators

We seek opportunities to extend our consulting and training capabilities with a simple formula: is one plus one greater than two (1 + 1 > 2)?

As one of the most specialized firm in project management, we work with partners and collaborators across the industry, including competitors/collaboras, PMI-Chapters, universities, and industry leaders.

PMI Chapters

PMI New York City
PMI Washington D.C.
PMI New Jersey

College & University

Touro Graduate School of Business, New York, New York

Professional Training Organization


Referral Network

We also have two referral programs, one for individuals and another for training and consulting organizations. Both programs are designed for mutual collaboration and gains:
Individual Referral Program – Individuals can earn up to 15% of sales.

Institutional Referral Program (coming soon) – Consulting and training companies can earn substantial referral fees – up to 40% of sales on training courses. Annual minimum is required.