Alliances, Partners, and Collaborators

We seek opportunities to extend our consulting and training capabilities with a simple formula: is one plus one greater than two (1 + 1 > 2)?

As one of the most specialized firm in project management, we work with partners and collaborators across the industry, including competitors/collaboras, PMI-Chapters, universities, and industry leaders.

PMI Chapters

  • PMI New York City
  • PMI Washington D.C.
  • PMI New Jersey

    College & University

    • Touro Graduate School of Business, New York, New York

      Professional Training Organization

      • VMEDu
      • SimpliLearn

        Referral Network

        We also have two referral programs, one for individuals and another for training and consulting organizations. Both programs are designed for mutual collaboration and gains:

        • Individual Referral Program – Individuals can earn up to 15% of sales.
          • Institutional Referral Program (coming soon) – Consulting and training companies can earn substantial referral fees – up to 40% of sales on training courses. Annual minimum is required.