Upland Software, Inc., a leader in cloud-based Enterprise Work Management software, today announced the latest release of its Eclipse Project Portfolio Management (PPM) application, which features a new user interface and updated technology stack for improved user experience. The latest version transforms how customers achieve their business objectives with a refreshed intuitive interface that enables simplified navigation and improved overall project command.

To learn more about the new version of Eclipse PPM and schedule a demo, please visit:http://eclipseppm.com/eclipse-ppm-2016-next-gen-release/

Eclipse PPM is a best-in-class project portfolio management solution for IT Departments and Project Management Offices (PMOs) in Healthcare, Education, Finance, Legal, and Local Government. The latest release was designed to improve how these organizations manage a full range of project complexity across their entire lifecycle. By centralizing project information and work items in our new dashboards, users can work, communicate, and navigate more quickly saving them time and improving overall adoption.

“Our team gathered feedback from our community and our Early Adopters to determine the direction of our latest release,” said Kevin Sequeira, Vice President of Product Management at Upland Software. “A more intuitive user interface and improved UX were identified as top priorities to help users realize productivity gains more across all of their projects.”

The latest Eclipse PPM version delivers additional value by helping users overcome the limitations imposed by work volume, limited resources and budget constraints through more effective centralized management of projects and related resources.

Changes in the new version of Eclipse PPM include:

  • An easy-to-use, intuitive interface, improved user experience, modern technology stack (HTML/JS/CSS) and compatibility with all major browsers.
  • The new Eclipse Home page enables users to interact with time-relevant work items without digging deeper into the application. Users can interact with tasks, issues, time entries, activities and comments without ever navigating away from the home page.
  • New Dashboards allow easy tracking and investigation into the entire portfolio.
  • Timesheets tracking and approval of time at a granular level across projects and tasks.
  • The Resource Planning and Management feature that helps users effectively plan, allocate, and monitor resource demand and utilization across the entire project portfolio.

“This is a significant milestone in Eclipse PPM’s fifteen-year history,” said Mounir Hilal, CCO & SVP of Project and IT Management Solutions at Upland Software. “As a company, we invest most of our development resources in features that benefit the existing customer experience, and we expect these innovations to Eclipse PPM�to have a significant impact on how project users work.”

Interesting, we’ll be looking at this and perhaps even touch on it at our 1-day Portfolio Management Training Course on February 9, 2017 in New York City where participants will:

  1. Understand the essential concepts and benefits of project portfolio management
  2. Discuss the principles of portfolio management
  3. Create an overall model for selecting, balancing, prioritizing and authorizing work
  4. Define the steps to establishing and managing a portfolio of initiatives
  5. Understand and define portfolio governance and its strategic importance
  6. Report and control of programs and projects in an effective manner that utilizes best practice reporting tools for portfolio management