The day is coming: March 26, 2018. That’s the date that PMI launches the new PMP certification examination based on the PMBOK – Sixth Edition. Are you ready?

As an instructor for a PMP prep course, I know many PMP candidates who lost track of time and now face the updated exam. If that is your case, you already have the contact hours from a Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) to qualify and submit the application. Do you have the right knowledge and skills to pass the exam?

From first announcement to final release of the PMBOK – Sixth Edition, there have been speculation, previews, overviews, commentaries, videos, and the new standard itself. This is a significant update in many ways from the Fifth Edition. The revisions impact the standard at multiple levels of the framework:

  1. Individual processes have fresh inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs.
  2. The number of processes increased, with additions, subtractions and migrations.
  3. An entire knowledge area got reworked with an altered line-up of processes.
  4. The relative importance of the knowledge areas shifted.
  5. The distribution of processes across the process groups changed.
  6. Agile practices permeate the standard, along with an emphasis on tailoring approaches.
  7. The PMBOK moves firmly into the 21st century, leaving behind mid-20th century theories and embracing current trends and technologies.

If you are already familiar with the exam content based on the Fifth Edition, you cannot wipe your memory clean and start fresh with the Sixth Edition. An appendix to the PMBOK describes key updates, but in the form of an inventory with minimal explanation. The majority of the information is similar enough to make possible a transition to the Sixth Edition. Let’s take a conservative estimate that 80% of the content remains the same. The common advice for practice exams is a target score of 80% correct answers. However, 80% of 80% is only 64%, which seems borderline for passing the exam. How can you improve your chances?

Instructors affiliated with R.E.P.’s know the content of both the Sixth and Fifth Editions of the PMBOK. They could bridge the gap and guide candidates through the specific revisions. A web search of PMP prep courses results in last-chance courses based on the Fifth Edition and updated courses based on the Sixth Edition. There is only a single gap course promoted by an R.E.P., and the training firm is PMO Advisory. The PMO Advisory PMP Gap course will highlight the changes, emphasize new knowledge, and assimilate the updated perspective of the PMBOK – Sixth Edition – achieving all that in one day. By the way, I am the instructor for the PMO Advisory 1-Day PMP Gap course.

The transitional period is limited in time to March 26 for the PMP and to May 21 for the CAPM. Don’t let the opportunity cost of your prep course become only a sunk cost. Revive your learning goals and professional qualifications by preparing for the updated PMP exam. Register with PMO Advisory for the 1-Day PMP Gap course and join the future!

Click here to our PMP page and scroll to the bottom to learn details on this 1 day course


Click here to our PMP page and scroll to the bottom to learn details on this 1 day course

Mimi B. Rosenfeld is a PMP, PMP trainer for PMO Advisory, adjunct instructor, and project manager.