Leadership and decision making are at every level of the organization. We project professionals often find ourselves in a tough spot when we have to make decisions and rely on our leadership skills to get us to the finish line. We’re expected to be well informed, resilient, on our feet and always look one step ahead. It’s pretty much a balancing act when we juggle our data and processes while using our skills. But like any performer we have to practice ahead of time.  

Our decision-making agility is being tested on a daily basis, when do we rely on data and AI? Do we implement new processes? Do we go with our gut feeling or not? To top it all off, we’re not alone, but work in an internal and external environment that we have to understand in order to navigate.  We’re always asking ourselves if we made the right decision and the answer in most cases is that we did the best we could at that time, given the information we had, the time constraints, resource constraints etc. But we have so many great techniques and tactics at our fingertips to help us with our decision making and better connecting us to decision making processes in the organizations.

We also need to consider that the business environment is changing really fast, and since we project professionals usually interact not just with our immediate team, but also with other teams in our organization or other companies, we need to always strive to understand the external environment. That understanding along with our strive to be resilient 2020 project professionals will go a long way.

Two globally recognized risk management experts – Daniel Wagner and Nicki Kons are hosting a symposium addressing how to achieve decision making agility in the era of man-made risks in New York City on April 30, 2018.  This one day high impact experience will provide the information along with practice and practical tips to enhance your decision making and risk skills.  To learn more about this event visit our site by clicking here.