To keep things simple, I view the big picture of project success as 33% largely successful, 33% complete failures, and 33% somewhere in between where the projects are generally completed by severely breached one of its constraints such as schedule, budget, scope, quality, etc. Naturally, this is the big picture and hopefully projects in your organization are not as big as the Big Dig or Obamacare Website, but it would be worthwhile to benchmark against your industry and competitors to see where you stand.

Against this backdrop, it is easy to see the dismal state of projects. The questions for Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) are simple, and there are really only three: 1) Can PMaas improve your organization project success rate? 2) Can this new level of success be sustained? 3) Is the marginal cost of implementing PMaaS more or less than the benefits? If the answer is Yes, Possibly (at least better chance of doing so internally), and Likely, then give PMaaS a closer look. You will be surprised at the attractiveness.

Te Wu’s comments on the below David Cotgreave article:

David Cotgreave for Project Accelerator  UK writes:  Dan Yurman, Senior Project Manager at Affinity, Inc. has written an intelligent LinkedIn blog about the pros and cons of Project Management as a Service. I particularly like his elevator pitch for the concept which he says ‘offers cost containment, control in delivery of projects with dedicated PM professionals. You get fast ramp up to full PM / PMO / Portfolio capabilities v. time to design and execute an in-house “roll your own” effort.’

Nicely put Dan.

With the appropriate service provider you can, indeed, address the challenge of improving your own project management capabilities and your IT Project Delivery success rates. Whether it’s skilled resource provision or a fully Managed Service, Project Management as a Service can help maximise your project function.

I have written many blogs on the pros of outsourcing Project Management as a Service and would happily sit with you to discover how doing so might benefit your organisation – in fact let’s arrange a date to do just that. In the meantime, a couple of specific experiences recently have added to or amplified my list of pros and I wanted to share both of them with you. They’re both a little sporty, perhaps inspired by the start of the winter sports seasons here in the UK.

1) Do you find yourself relying on contractors? PMaaS allows you to outsource the position rather than the player!

Imagine yourself as a football manager with a squad comprising a player and a reserve for every position. If your goalkeeper and his understudy were both to get injured you’d either have to wait to buy a new goalie or move someone from a different position to deputise, perhaps not quite so well and perhaps leaving a hole elsewhere in your team.

Businesses are increasingly reporting that projects are delayed while they wait for a trusted contractor to become available. By outsourcing Project Management function as a Service, you are buying in the solution to your project requirement rather than just the person who will actually fill the vacancy.  SNIP, the article continues @ Project Accelerator UK, click here to continue reading….