Transforming ideas into actions and from actions to reality is an evergreen problem confronting individuals, teams, and companies., a new startup, is a web application designed to solve this problem. The underlying process is sensible, but there are some built in rigidity. For example, what if someone already has a solid task list for an idea? But more importantly, is designed to solve a particular problem that requires socialization through brainstorming.This specificity may limit the tools applicability to perhaps more mundane projects.

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Sharanya Chandrakantha Rao Inna for writes:  Many among us have ideas which continue to remain abstract concepts. We never get to a stage where our ideas turn into tangible modules for execution. Even as we think things through, we can never find a perfect framework that allows us to view an idea from multiple, comprehensive perspectives. We somehow get warped into the ‘ideation coma’ zone. An entrepreneur with the next big idea, a marketing executive who has snatches of inspiration but cannot tie them all into a coherent story, a designer who knows the big picture but needs to hash out the little details – we all have been there at some point.

Enter – a tool that aims to turn your ideas into actionable project plans.’s USP is its unique way of looking at project management by shifting the focus away from the traditional ‘task management’ approach, and instead putting the spotlight on ‘ideas’ and getting them to the execution stage.

What makes it different?

Companies are rapidly changing the way they function. Evolving platforms such as Slack and Snapchat are being rapidly adopted by businesses for revolutionizing the way people get things done in enterprises implying the immense scope for innovation in the space.

The team at tried out various platforms providing project management tools, including ASANA and Trello, only to realize that project management was considered on a task-by-task basis by all applications. Concluding that a more organic approach to project management was needed, the team worked hard to concretize the ideation process that we all undergo in order to come up with innovative solutions. Rather than delegating duties, one had to find a way to align ideas online among all team members. Thus was designed to do the following –

  • Turn your abstract notes and scribbles into smaller tangible concepts.
  • Collaborate with the rest of the team and possible clients at the ideation stage itself. This way, the end-user is not taken by surprise and his/her inputs are considered at the inception stage.
  • Track the idea to the completion stage. is released in stages. Since the beginning of its development last year in March, it has released its core features to all its dedicated users, a base that has grown to over 6,000 this year.   SNIP, the article continues @, click here to continue reading…