“Most workers today are getting support from their employer to grow their skill set, according to recent research from staffing firm Robert Half. A majority of CFOs interviewed (72 percent) said their company covers some or all of the cost for staff to obtain professional certifications, and 76 percent said their organization helps in maintaining credentials once earned. Still, nearly one-third of respondents (29 percent) said their organization offers no financial support for employees’ continuing education.

“Keeping your skills up to date is vital to career advancement, and acquiring a general or industry-specific certification is one way to do so,” said Paul McDonald, senior executive director at Robert Half. “Employers often support ongoing development because they benefit from well-educated, highly skilled professionals who are current with trends and able to apply what they’ve learned to business needs.”

McDonald added, “If you are hesitant to ask your company to cover certification costs, do your research and outline the advantages of the training. Since you’re not the only beneficiary, consider which one will give you and your company the best return on investment when deciding between a few certifications.” – Robert Half. [end]

No matter how seasoned an executive is, the ever-changing business world requires even the most experienced leaders to adapt by learning both new skills and new ways of thinking. PMO Advisory has developed half-day live virtual and 1-day face-to-face training courses that are highly effective options when seeking to enhance the skills of an employee while making the most effective use of time and securing the best value from a training budget. One of the benefits of these short courses is that the expenditure is kept to a minimum as travel and accommodation are reduced. Secondly, the time actually implementing the learning is amplified as the number of hours invested in learning is narrowed to what is essential and required.

PMO Advisory’s Business Execution Essential Series covers 7 specific topics, each a half-day live virtual and a 1-day accelerated training program on: (1) Strategic Business Execution (SBE), (2) Portfolio Management, (3) Program Management, (4) Project Management, (5) Project Management Office (PMO), (6) Risk Management, and (7) Organization Change Management.  Click Here to learn about our Project Management Career : Business Execution Essentials Courses