I wonder about this problem too, but the author provided four good answers. Here, I would like to add a fifth: there is no perfect tool. Every tool on the market that I experimented with, and believe me, I have tried many, fails in some critical way. Nearly all tend to solve one problem well but fail in some critical way in another. Take Podio, I love the flexibility of tool, but the most common tool occupying a prime real estate is extremely limited. Worse, you cannot change it. So the pursue of a perfect tool goes on…

Te Wu’s comment on the below article titled,  “Why Are Companies Still Building Project Management Software?”

John Boitnott for Inc. writes: Have you ever been walking down the street, looked around, and realized there are a ton of burger shops? It seems on every corner there’s a spot to buy a hamburger. Despite the sheer volume of hamburger shops, many of them manage to stay in business. Well, project management software is like a burger joint. They keep popping up, and you wonder why companies are still building project management software with so many other options out there.

If you do a quick Google search for “project management software” or “project management tools,” you’re going to find a ton of options. You’ll see the major players like Basecamp, Asana, and Atlassian’s Jira, but you’ll also find many more lesser known companies like DaPulse, Blossom.io, and Jixee. There are so many, it makes your head spin.

Why on Earth are new startups popping up, all trying to solve problems that were seemingly solved years ago?  SNIP, the article continues @ Inc., click here to continue reading….