PMOs are highly flexible structures with potentially a broad range of responsibilities. Our firm establish 25 key processes or capabilities, but there can be more. These capabilities are organized as essential, advanced, and strategic. Essential capabilities are foundational and about 80% of the PMOs have a majority of these capabilities. Advanced capabilities are more selective, and they usually provide some broader benefits to companies. Strategic capabilities are defined by two main factors: duration and identity. Duration refers to the value and benefits shift from the immediate to more lasting. But more important, strategic capabilities create a more relevant and sometimes unique identify of that PMO. Successful PMOs create its own brand and identify, and it aggressively strives to remain relevant and valuable to the organization.

Te Wu’s comments on the CIO article titled What Role Should the PMO Play by Brad Egeland.   (see below).

Brad Egeland for CIO writes: What role should the PMO play?   I know this sounds a bit odd for a question. PMOs – project management offices – already have a pretty good predefined role in our minds, right? It’s full of qualified (experienced, intermediate, and new) project managers, usually a PMO director who leads the organization, some laid out processes, processes and templates, and space in the organization that is recognized as the go-to office for any project ideas, customer initiatives, etc. that need to be lead by talented project professionals.

Does that sound like I’ve pretty much defined it – in highly general terms, of course? Please feel free to comment and add your own descriptions, definitions and terms here, as this is the purpose of the article.

But what about more? Who’s championing it? How is it funded? Does it handle internal projects, external projects for customers of the organization, and is it led only by the PMO director or is there someone further up who is guiding it on an ongoing basis?   SNIP, the article continues @ CIO, click here to continue reading….