Social Mission

What We Believe

PMO Advisory is not just another consulting firm; our social mission of “enhancing human potential through work, education, and training) is embedded in our DNA. We believe in Education, especially higher education, because it is crucial for individuals to achieve their fullest capabilities. But education itself is not enough. To achieve satisfaction, individuals must find meaningful Work. Sadly, our economy today is rapidly shifting and the change is systemic and deep. More and more college graduates and professionals are having difficulties starting their career and finding work in their chosen fields. Jobs across nearly all industries are retreating due to technology,outsourcing, and offshoring. While this phenomenon is now new, we see the pattern accelerating. Training is one method to further enhance skills and marketability.

Our social mission is to seek innovative, market-driven solutions to address this problem. Our success record is mixed. In 2013, we hired 3 recent Master graduates as “apprentices” in our firm and invested heavily. The results were unimpressive and the financial cost was unsustainable. In 2014, through Te’s work with a local university, he helped to setup a mentoring program between a large company and the school. The early results is positive and he will continue to manage it in 2015. In 2015, our latest campaign is to write a book titled “Sensible Guide to a Career in Project Management” and essentially give it away or sell it at a loss.  Plus, we are providing a steep discount to veterans, unemployed, and full-time students in the United States to all our training courses. We strive to be a “Class B Corporation”.

Here are two initiatives we are currently undertaking:

  • Special social-minded programs and discounts on our courses, including discounts to full-time students, US veterans, and non-profits. We also have a “Value-Exchange” program in which professionals can apply to exchange their services in lieu of fees.
  • The Sensible Guide to a Career in Project Management in 2016 [Kindle Edition], Free on selective days, $3.99 otherwise


“As an educator and a concerned citizen, I am very concerned about the state of professional job markets. When people cannot find meaningful career, they will have turn to more menial jobs and never climb the intended career ladder. The impact on a few is sad, the impact on a society is tragic.  We are addressing this problem by offering steep discounts and giving away a free book. Together, we hope to find meaningful solutions.” — Te Wu, CEO of PMO Advisory, Board Member on New Century Education Foundation, and Professor of Management at Montclair State University and China Europe International Business School