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“Establishing & Operating a World Class Project Management Office (PMO)”

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Summary:  Over the past decade, PMOs have been growing across all industries. They are being viewed as the perfect choice for handling projects within any organization with an intense project environment.   In this webinar, we will first define the purpose and benefits of PMOs, present four models of PMOs from a Learning PMO to a Strategic PMO, highlight some of the latest developments, present steps to create a PMO, and finally discuss the best practices to operate, continuously improve, and develop a world class PMO.

Description:  As organizations change, tackling greater numbers of projects, while investing organizational resources, the pressure to become more efficient and effective increases.  Project Management Office or PMO is becoming a popular choice to address this question of project intensity and the need for sustainable project execution. PMOs are rarely the same across different organizations, even though many of them share common capabilities and features. This is partly reflected in the uniqueness of each organization’s situation and partly because the challenges and opportunities are different.  Hence, while most of the project professionals are familiar with the “PMO”, chances are, no two experiences are exactly alike.  These concerns raise a serious question on how to best develop and nurture an effective PMO like what capabilities should the PMO have?  What are the benefits?  How would you build and maintain a good PMO?

This webinar attempts to address these questions.  We will start by defining PMOs. Then we will examine the benefits and its challenges as many PMOs confront the unique problem of a short life span.  As a leader in the field, PMO Advisory presents four models of PMOs and a roadmap for organizations to grow and mature. Next, we will present a multi-step process of construction of a solid PMO.  Finally, we will discuss some of the best practices to transform an ordinary one to a world class PMO.

Why Attend?

  • Strengthen their understanding on both the value and challenges of PMOs
  • Be a more knowledgeable project professional, especially for those who work with or within a PMO
  • Conceptualize a model of PMO that is suitable for your organization
  • Participants also earn 1 PDU

Who Will Benefit? 

  • Project professionals who are working in organizations with an intense project environment
  • Business and functional professionals who are stakeholders on projects working in a PMO environment
  • Busy PMO administrators who are coordinating large numbers of projects 
  • Up and coming project professionals who want to sharpen their skills and knowledge of PMOs

Outcome:   At the end of this webinar, participants should be able to:

  • Explain the challenges in establishing and operating PMOs
  • Articulate the essential capabilities in PMOs and the associated skills
  • Learn how to help your organization build a world class PMO

Meet the Presenter


Prof. Dr. Te Wu is the CEO of PMO Advisory, which is a PMI Authorized Training Partner (ATP).  He is also an Assistant Professor at Montclair State University and a visiting professor at CEIBS (Ranked #1 in Asia and #4 in the world by Financial Times). Te is certified in Portfolio, Program, Project, and Risk Management and won Honorable Mention in 2015 as Project of the Year by the PMI-NJ Chapter. He is an active volunteer serving as the Director of Symposium of PMI New York City Chapter and a U.S. Team Lead representing United States on ISO Technical Committee 258 (for project, program, and portfolio management). Previously, he also served on the core teams for portfolio management and risk management standards. He has published numerous articles and seven books.  With his deep experience as a practitioner, executive, teacher, writer, and researcher, he is a frequent speaker at professional conferences.


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