New Jersey’s leading training firm, PMO Advisory, PMI Registered Education Provider #4172 presents

Project Management Essentials 1 Day Workshop



Guaranteed to help you excel within a Project Management environment or PMO and complete projects on time, on budget, & on target!

May 18, 2018 & June 16, 2018  

9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Parking & Lunch Included!

at the PMO Advisory Training Center in Cedar Grove, NJ (outside of NYC)



Project Management is an essential skill in today’s competitive business environment and research has shown that successful execution of project management ensures that the goals of projects closely align with the strategic goals of the business.  In identifying a solid business case, and being methodical about calculating ROI, project management is important because it can help to ensure the right thing is delivered, on time and within budget, that’s going to deliver real value.  Great project management matters because it delivers success.   But there is a shroud of a mystery on what makes project management work. In this course, we will explore a broad range of project management topics to both demystify this discipline and clarify how project management adds tremendous value to you and your organization.

This course will deliver a comprehensive and integrated view that includes strategic planning, business execution, and the role of portfolio, program, project, risk, agile management, and PMOs to achieve organizational objectives; and depth, by exploring the project management methodologies and body of knowledge that is consistent with PMI’s latest Project Management Body of Knowledge Sixth Edition.


After this class, participants will be able to:

  • Grasp the linkage between project execution and strategic and tactical planning
  • Master the art of alignment, between projects and planning, between portfolios and programs
  • Articulate how you and your organization can manage multiple projects, programs, portfolios
  • Identify the best approach for project: traditional waterfall vs. agile, design for agility and flexibility
  • Use risk management techniques to improve project success by mitigating threats and exploiting opportunities
  • Develop a clear roadmap for project management for you and your organization
  • Appreciate the fundamentals of project management including managing time, scope, budget, and resources.

Important: PMO Advisory is a PMI Global Registered Education Provider (R.E.P. #4172). As such, for participants with a PMI certification (e.g., PMP®, PfMP®, PgMP®,  and PMI-RMP® certifications), course recipients will receive 8 PDUS. For aspiring project professionals who are considering CAPM or PMP credentials, you will receive eight hours toward fulfilling the educational requirement for those certifications.

Course Details

This course is developed by Prof. Dr. Te Wu, the founder and CEO of PMO Advisory, who is among the few people in the world with PMP, PgMP, PfMP, and PMI-RMP certifications.  In addition to twenty-five years of professional experience from shop floor to being the Director of a global project service organization with one of the Big 4, Dr. Wu has also been teaching in universities around the world for fifteen years. In addition, he is a core committee member on multiple PMI Global standard teams (Portfolio and Risk), a voting member on ANSI TAG 258 representing the United States on the International Standard Organization’s Technical Committee (ISO TC258), an advisory board member on the project management program at Stevens Institute of Technology, and the leader professor at Montclair State University.


Major topics covered in the Project Management Essentials course:


  1. Importance of strategic business execution
  2. Making portfolio, program, and project management work
  3. Essential principles of project management (when to apply, for example, traditional waterfall versus agile)
  4. Project Lifecycle (Initiation, Planning, Execution, and Closure)
  5. Project Management Knowledge Areas (Scope, Schedule, Resources, Cost, Quality, Procurement, Communication, Stakeholder, Risk, and Integration)
  6. Project Management Roles (Executive, Manager, Associates)
  7. Project Management Common Challenges & How to Address Them
  8. Significance of Project Management Certifications



Special Bonuses:

All participants will receive one of the following free bonus:

  1. Paperback book: “The Sensible Guide to a Career in Project Management in 2016” book written by Dr. Te Wu.
  2. Free 30 days access to our PMP Exam Simulator
  3. Rebate of 50% of the paid fee for this course if you sign-up to our boot camps (including PMP, PgMP, PfMP, PMI-ACP, and PMI-RMP courses) at the standard rate. Discounts cannot be combined.

In addition, for those that are interested in pursuing project management training for your organization, we also offer a one-hour free consultation with you or your company executive.

Target Audience

  • Business management and executives who yearn to build a broad understanding of how strategic planning, business execution, and project management fit together
  • Practicing and aspiring project professionals who want to develop a working knowledge of project management
  • Upcoming and coming project professionals who wish to explore the broader implications of project management as well as considerations for certifications including project, program, portfolio, and risk management
  • Talent managers, training managers, and human resource managers who are responsible for hiring the best people to execute their organizational strategies and who are involved in workforce development
  • Anyone who works within a Project Management environment or PMO.

Engineering & Construction,  Healthcare,  Financial, Law,  Technology,  & Pharmaceuticals

Project Management knowledge has become a critical business skill because its use can help control costs, reduce risk, and improve outcomes. Used across disciplines, project management is the process of systematically planning, organizing, and then executing a pre-determined set of steps in order to maximize resource use and achieve specific objectives.  The general framework of project management is common but nuances differ as per the industry.  The principles of project management are the same and this workshop will enhance your job performance across all industries including, Engineering and Construction, Healthcare, Financial Services, Law, Technology, and Pharmaceuticals.

How our Training Sticks!

Neutralizing the “Forgetting Curve” (the notion that we forget the majority of what we learn)

We are specialist in delivering effective corporate training that sticks!  Our One-day Project Management workshop starts with some light pre-preparation materials and will include follow-ups afterward to ensure that the learning is embedded.   Perhaps our workshop’s most endearing feature is the opportunity it offers you to engage on a human level with a seasoned insightful corporate trainer.   Learning should be fun, a great trainer will become a brilliant friend, and coach for the day and going forward.   

Project Management needs a considerable amount of time to be covered effectively and brought ‘full circle’, due to the interconnections within a project management or PMO environment.  We achieve long term learning retention by ensuring the information represented is relevant and offers meaningful connections to things you already know and experience in your day.   So you’re not trying to memorize everything (referred to as the rote method of learning), we enable you to relate what you’re learning in an interactive process to help you draw connections.

Mindful people learn better when they’re actively involved with the learning than when they’re passive observers, we  add elements of gameplay to the learning which is a great way to keep you enjoying the learning process.  The special bonuses that come with this workshop are key to overcoming the forgetting curve as in using them you are reinforcing your learning.   You’ll have opportunities to recall information in the days and weeks after training as your brain tags that information as important and is more likely to retain it once recalled   (which dramatically improves the long-term retention of material and the return on investment of the workshop).   It’s also worth noting your  brain wants to retain information that is useful to you and purge information that is not.  Hence you will be encouraged to take advantage of the special bonuses because we know when it comes to this workshop and what you will learn, if you use it, you won’t lose it!

PMO Advisory Training Center in Cedar Grove, NJ

(466 Pompton Ave, Suite 4, Cedar Grove, NJ 07009,  20 miles outside of NYC)

PMO Advisory Training Center

May 18, 2018 & June 16, 2018

9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Parking & Lunch Included!

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Our Philosophy and Values

PMO Advisory is a PMI Registered Education Provider (R.E.P. #4172)  and proud to be one the very few PMI registered firms able to offer PfMP, PgMP, PMP,  and PMI-RMP certification Training. We make tremendous effort to understand our clients, their needs and interest and align our products and services  accordingly.   Because we are a small firm we’re agile, responsive, and will adapt our training programs as your needs change with a speed larger firms just can’t match.  We’re committed to getting individuals, small teams, and organizations professionally trained and transformed in line with set goals.  You are guaranteed a positive client service experience which meets (and ideally exceeds) your expectations, this is our goal behind all of our business interactions.  Specifically we promise to:

1. Focus on the benefit of the training as it relates to each customer’s individual needs.

2. Be responsible and accountable for each customer’s success.

3. Always act with integrity and dignity when dealing with customers, vendors and employees.

4. Always EXCEED the client’s expectations.

Te Wu, Founder & CEO

PMO Advisory LLC  466 Pompton Ave, Unit 4  Cedar Grove, NJ 07009. USA  1-844-PMO-CERT
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