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The Art of Agile Project Management

In today’s world of fast paced technology and continually changing requirements and project scope, the need for Agile Project Management…

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Incorporating Agile Practices with Traditional Project Management

Can I incorporate Agile practices with traditional project management? If so how do I do this...  One Agile practice that…

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Agile Certifications: Which one is right for me?

Some of the Agile Certifications........ PMI-ACP: The Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) from the Project Management Institute (PMI) is for project…

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Top 10 List of Agile Development Myths, Why and Busted!

BUSTSING AGILE MYTHS In my experience supporting organizations with learning and implementing the Agile practices of project management, I have…

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Agile Marketing for Small Teams and Small Business: Why and Where to Start

Strategic Agile marketing for small marketing teams and small business involves responding quickly to news, events or changes with the…

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Agile Project Management Adoption and Training  for Local, State, & Federal Government Employees

With today’s demanding environment of reduced local, state, and federal budgets, most agencies are considering some level of Agile adoption…

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Risk Management is Built into Agile Project Management Part II : Agile Risk Management Implementation

This is Part II, you can read Part I by clicking here.    Risk Management is built into Agile Practices. It…

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Risk Management is Built into Agile Project Management

Since my project management career has had me focus on the areas of Agile project management and risk management, I…

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Agile Project Management in Healthcare and the Agile Project Manager

Agile is essentially a model containing process groups run in a logical order within a defined period of time or…

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Google Apps G Suite Agile Project Management Tool Brings Agile To All Industries

Kanbanchi, an Agile Project Management web based app, is a KanBan style framework with tools that enables companies using Google…

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We are the ONLY company in the world today that is certified by Project Management Institute as a Registered Education Provider that offers the entire range of Portfolio- (PfMP)®, Program- (PgMP)®, and Project- (PMP)® Management training. Our price is already competitive. Plus, to fulfill our social mission, we offer substantial discounts to veterans, unemployed professionals, and full time students in the United States.