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Addressing the Problem of Fuzzy Front End

What is the Fuzzy Front End? The Chinese have an old proverb, “a thousand-kilometer journey starts with the first step.” …

Dr. Te Wu

What is “Fuzzy Front End” for Portfolio, Program, & Project Management

According to recent research conducted by the Construction Industry Institute based on 609 projects totaling $37 billion, improving decision making…

Lance Smith

About Chief Project Officer (CPO)

Introduction Today, there are many chiefs in contemporary organizations. The top three chiefs are the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief…

Dr. Te Wu

The Value & Benefits of Having a Chief Project Officer in the C-Suite

“Companies that add a CPO position see the role as a way to ensure that the organization’s projects and portfolios…

Lance Smith

The Role of Chief Project Officer Explained & Explored in a Free Webinar on February 20, 2019

“Too many organizations currently either fail to see the need to even have a PMO, or to appoint a PMO…

Lance Smith

Project Management in New Jersey in Education

The benefits of Project Management in New Jersey in education surfaced at  the annual Congressional App Challenge,  a nation-wide effort…

Lance Smith

5 Steps to Advance Your Project Management Career and Achieving Your New Year Resolution

Introduction Are you like me and millions of others who ponder during the holidays how to best reinvent ourselves? For…

Lance Smith

3 Statistics On Why to Attend the “5 Steps to Advance Your Project Management Career” Webinar July 16, 2019

3 Statistics On Why to Attend the "5 Steps to Advance Your Project Management Career" Webinar July 16, 2019 For the…

Lance Smith

The 5 Steps to Advance Your Project Management Career, Free Webinar January 16, 2019

By 2027, employers will need nearly 88 million professionals in project management-oriented roles globally, according to a report from the Project Management Institute (PMI).…

Lance Smith

The Art of Agile Project Management

In today’s world of fast paced technology and continually changing requirements and project scope, the need for Agile Project Management…

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We are the ONLY company in the world today that is certified by Project Management Institute as a Registered Education Provider that offers the entire range of Portfolio- (PfMP)®, Program- (PgMP)®, and Project- (PMP)® Management training. Our price is already competitive. Plus, to fulfill our social mission, we offer substantial discounts to veterans, unemployed professionals, and full time students in the United States.