Based on our extensive survey study, we are proud to develop the Execution Index™, which is the composite score of 45 factors related to business execution in our study. The index is calculated on a range of 1 to 100, with an average and median that hoover around 75-76. Execution Index provides business executives an easy and intuitive way to benchmark their organization’s ability to execute their strategy. To ensure the robustness of our survey and methodology, we retained Dr. Mark Kotkin to evaluate findings of this new index.

Do you know how well your organization executes? We offer a suite of products to help your firm improve its execution. All of them comes with a free score, free report and the ability to download the current report (still under development) and be notified of future updates (anticipated quarterly).

  • Basic Insight (Free) – It is free to participate in our survey study. We will send you the score within ten business days.
  • Execution Insight ($199) – You will receive the results in five business days with recommendations on how to improve your firm’s ability to implement. We will also schedule an hour meeting with you or your team to review the results.
  • Executive Insight ($999+) – The accuracy of the ExecutionIndex is only as good as the inputs. To obtain a more meaningful index, our recommendation is to include a team of executives or professionals from your firm. For up to 5 people, we will aggregate and analyze the results for your firm. Based on our experience, most of the insights come from the discrepancies of the various participants from your organization. The package also includes 4 hours of consulting services with specific recommendations on how to improve business execution in your firm. You can include more people too for an additional fee.

We also offer customized solutions designed for executive offsites and retreats. Imagine at your firm’s next executive retreat, within a few hours, your team will gain important insights on the strengths and weaknesses of your execution abilities. The total suite of offerings include ExecutionIndex survey analysis, strategic business execution training, and specific recommendations on how to improve execution and sustain execution excellence. Please contact us at gen (at)