PMO Advisory believes that no two problems are the same. Often, the context is more important than the actual problem. We strive to advance our clients objectives by applying an optimal combination of approaches, methods, tools and techniques. As crazy as it may sound, we try hard “not to do harm” as often is the case with consulting. That is why we believe in data, analysis, best practices, intelligence, experience and practical research.

We also believe that the single biggest challenge for organizations today is Business Execution. This is not to minimize the importance of strategy; rather, we believe most organizations have many great ideas and plans. The biggest gap is in their ability to achieve meaningful results.

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For the past three years, we have been embarking on a series of studies to improve the general understanding of business execution. There are four essential questions:

  • How to make sure organizations do the right thing?
  • How to implement big and complex initiatives the right way?
  • How to sustain execution excellence?
  • What is your execution index?
Collectively, we believe these three questions shape the latest frontier in strategic business execution.  Join us and be a part of this exciting journey.