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PMO Advisory is a PMI® Registered Education Provider (R.E.P. #4172) 

The new PMBOK® 6  Guide is here however the date of the PMI® PMP® certification exams transitioning over to being based on the new PMBOK® 6.0  Guide has not been announced and will not likely take place until late into the first calendar quarter of 2018 (March 2018 give or take some weeks).   Hence if your goal is to earn PMI® PMP® certification in 2017 or in early 2018, it makes sense to plan on taking the PMI® PMP® PMBOK 5.0 certification exam – and while you still can!

Plus there are a lot of solid sensible reasons to indeed take the PMBOK® 5.0 exam now before it’s gone forever – and we’ve outlined some of those below.   Also be mindful for those seeking to earn PMP® certification the average duration of exam study time is around 2 months (between 1 – 3 months for most).  Hence anyone looking to secure a PMP®  before well into 2018 should start their PMP® journey in December, and based on PMBOK® 5.0.  Here’s why for you it may make sense to take the PMI® PMP® PMBOK® 5.0 certification exam before your only option is the new 6.0 exam:


  • the current edition of the PMBOK® Guide and the exam are very familiar and you can find lots of lessons learned and study resources/materials readily.  As the PMBOK® Guide is just now changing the exam will be based on the current PMBOK® Guide version (i.e. PMBOK® Guide 5) until 1st quarter of 2018 — there is still plenty of time to study and prepare for you to pass the current exam 5.0 version.
  • the PMP® Exam fee may see a hike in 2018 following the introduction of the new exam
  • the format of the exam may be changed
  • the exam may be getting more difficult as there are quite a few complaints that the quality of PMP® holders is decreasing over the previous years as getting certified is becoming easier
  • the publishers of the PMP® online courses and exam prep books may not be ready to release the update versions of their study resources with the introduction of the new PMP® Exam (this has happened in 2016 when PMI updated the PMP® Exam Content Outline and the new exam was forced to defer)
  • some of the previously highly recommended study resources/materials may not live up to expectation for the new exam as the depth of their understanding of the new exam may not be the same as before (owing to change of the authors/editors, etc.) — it would take more time to search for the best exam prep materials
  • it is expected lots of errors in terminology and project management processes would be spotted in the early release of the exam prep materials based on the new PMBOK® Guide 6th edition as PMBOK® Guide 6 has quite a few updates from PMBOK® Guide 5
  • major exam prep books will take time to get published — if you would like to get PMP® certified in the first quarter of 2018, you may NOT even be able to find a book for your exam study and you would be forced to delay getting certified for 3 months or more
  • the exam prep courses may be more expensive
  • for the new exam version, all the exam prep books, mock exams and online training course will see a price increase (maybe over 15% or more) — if people begin now, they can lock in the current price level without worrying about requiring to spend more for the same title
  • lots of tried and tested exam preparation materials (based on PMBOK® Guide 5) are around now, and we PMO Advisory are offering a fantastic value in our full blown 3-day PMP® Certification Prep Course for $699!
  • to earn 35 PDUs or educational hours, this course is also bundled with pre- and post- sessions (live virtual and recorded) and practice exams – all proven to help you achieve your goal.  


Send us an email using the form below and we’ll let you know how we can enroll you in our 3-day PMP® PMBOK® Guide 5.0 Certification prep bootcamp at our training center in New Jersey, December 18, 19, & 20 for $699! 

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Our Philosophy and Values

PMO Advisory is a PMI® Registered Education Provider (R.E.P. #4172)  and proud to be one the very few PMI® registered firms able to offer Portfolio (PfMP®), Program (PgMP®), Project (PMP®),  and Risk (PMI-RMP®) Management Certification Training. We make tremendous effort to understand our clients, their needs and interest and align our products and services  accordingly.   Because we are a small firm we’re agile, responsive, and will adapt our training programs as your needs change with a speed larger firms just can’t match.  We’re committed to getting individuals, small teams, and organizations professionally trained and transformed in line with set goals.  You are guaranteed a positive client service experience which meets (and ideally exceeds) your expectations, this is our goal behind all of our business interactions.  Specifically we promise to:

1. Focus on the benefit of the training as it relates to each customer’s individual needs.

2. Be responsible and accountable for each customer’s success.

3. Always act with integrity and dignity when dealing with customers, vendors and employees.

4. Always EXCEED the client’s expectations.

Te Wu, Founder & CEO

PMO Advisory founder Te Wu

Richness of information and memorable experiences are realized through behavior and body language, including one’s mannerisms, gestures, tone, language, and volume of voice, all of which is part of the in-person classroom experience. With face-to-face learning education is retained and the curriculum “sticks”, better ensuring passing the PMI® Project Management Professional, PMP®, certification exam on the first try.

Project Managers are becoming indispensable to their organizations. By 2020, 700,000 more project management jobs will be created in the U.S., according to the Project Management Institute (PMI®). The PMP® Certification is important to IT professionals along with those with careers in construction, telecommunications, finance, healthcare, energy, pharma, and other industries. There has never been a better time to consider earning the PMI® Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification. PMO Advisory is committed to offering the best value and experience in Project Management.


3 Day PMP® Certification Training Bootcamp based on the PMBOK® 5.0 Guide, 35 PDUs or Education Hours


2017 Schedule

Dec 18 – 20 Cedar Grove, NJ

(17 miles outside of Manhattan/NYC)

Are you approved by the Project Management Institute (PMI)®?

Yes, we have been reviewed and approved as a provider of project management training by PMI. As a PMI Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.), we abide by PMI established quality assurance criteria. Our REP number is 4127.

Are exam fees included in the tuition?

Exam fees are not included. They must be paid directly to PMI as part of the application process. The cost to take the exam is $544 total ($139 to join PMI and $405 for the exam fees). You can pay for the exam without joining PMI, at a cost of $555. Since joining PMI saves you $11 on exam fees and you also receive PMI member benefits, we recommend becoming a PMI member before applying to take the exam.

Do I receive a certificate upon completing the course?

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion showing that you completed the course and earned the 35 contact hours required to sit for the exam. We provide you with a paper version on the last day of class, but also allow you to download a PDF version from our online training portal in case you lose the original or need to send a copy to PMI if you get audited.

Does your course satisfy the 35 contact hours needed to sit for the exam?

Yes, our PMP course is approved by PMI for the 35 contact hours (aka PDUs) required to sit for the PMP exam. We provide you with a certificate of completion at the end of the course that you can submit to PMI if you get audited.



When and where do I take the exam?

Upon completion of our course at our training center in Cedar Grove, NJ (20 miles outside of NYC) the PMP exam is administered at Prometric testing centers. Prometric has hundreds of centers worldwide and usually offers the PMP exam Monday through Saturday. Since each center is independently operated, you should check with your local center for hours of operation and exam availability. You can locate the centers nearest you by visiting Note that, in some cases, the availability of testing appointments reflected online may seem rather limited. We recommend you call the center directly if this happens, as the availability shown online may not always reflect the true availability (due to cancellations, re-scheduling, etc.). Our students have found this to be very helpful in many cases.

What happens if my PMP Certification Application is audited by PMI?

The audit process sounds painful, but it is actually pretty simple.   You will know if you have been audited immediately after submitting payment for the exam (you will receive an e-mail if you are selected for the audit). Roughly 5-10% of all candidates will be audited. You will be asked to document your PDU contact hours, which you will do using the certificate we provide. You will also have the references you list in your application verify that the work experience you entered is correct (they will just complete a simple form, sign it and send it to PMI).

Since the reference person can be anyone who was working with you on the projects, we recommend listing references with whom you are still in contact and will respond quickly (where possible).

Most people can easily complete the audit process in a week or less. As part of our course we will walk you through the entire application process and assist you with any questions you may have. We also offer free post-class tutoring and assistance with the application, so you will have plenty of support along the way.

How do I prove my experience?

You will document your experience in your online application ( You must list projects you have worked on, along with a reference person. Your job title need not be “project manager,” but you will need to show that you were leading and directing project activities. To keep everyone honest, PMI audits about 5-10% of candidates (see: “What happens if I get audited?”).

Can I get a digital copy of the PMBOK® Guide?

Yes, if you are a PMI member you can download a free copy of the PMBOK® Guide. Simply visit and log in. Scroll over the main menu item “PMBOK® Guide and Standards,” then click the sub-menu item titled “Learn more about A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Fifth Edition”. From that page you can download a free copy of the PMBOK® Guide.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for the PMP Exam?

To be eligible for the PMP credential, you must meet certain educational and professional experience requirements. All project management experience must have been accrued within the last eight consecutive years prior to your application submission.  The eligibility requirements depend upon your Education Background.

  1. If you hold a High school diploma, associate’s degree or global equivalent, then you need:
    • Project Management Experience: Minimum five years/60 months unique nonoverlapping professional project management experience during which at least 7,500 hours were spent leading and directing project tasks.
    • Project Management Education: 35 contact hours of formal education (or PDUs).
  2. If you hold a Bachelor’s degree or global equivalent, then you need:
    • Project Management Experience: Minimum three years/36 months unique non-overlapping professional project management experience during which at least 4,500 hours were spent leading and directing project tasks.
    • Project Management Education: 35 contact hours of formal education (or PDUs).


What does 36 months of non-overlapping experience requirement mean for the PMP Exam?

One of the eligibility criteria for the PMP exam is to have minimum 3 years / 36 months unique non-overlapping professional project management experience during which at least 4,500 hours were spent leading and directing project tasks.

So, what does “non-overlapping” experience mean?

To answer this question, let me show the reverse situation – overlapping experience. Let’s say that you have managed 2 project in 2013. Project 1 ran from Jan’13 to Jun’13 (6 months), and Project 2 ran from Apr’13 to Dec’13 (9 months). In this case, you have an overlap between the two projects during Apr’09 to Jun’09 (3 months). So the experience from these 3 months is counted as 3 months, and not 3 x 2 = 6 months. Therefore, your total unique non-overlapping experience would be counted as 12 (3 + 3 + 6) months, not 15 (6 + 9) months.

What is the application process for the PMP Exam?

At a high level, the PMP application process involves the following steps:

  1. You submit an online application for the exam to PMI.
  2. PMI reviews your application and if it is determined to be complete, PMI will send you an email to submit the exam fee. Your application approval is valid for one-year from the date you receive the approval email.
  3. After you pay for the exam, PMI will send you an email indicating one of the following next steps:
    • Examination scheduling instructions to help you schedule your examination
    • Application has randomly been selected for PMI audit process
  4. If you receive exam scheduling instructions, you can go ahead and schedule your exam with Prometric.
  5. If your application is selected for an audit, PMI will provide you the follow-up instructions to comply with the audit.

Note: If your application is selected for an audit, your one-year eligibility clock stops, and would restart only when you successfully clear the audit.

How far back can I go for the Project Management experience on my PMP application?

All project management experience must have been accrued within the last eight consecutive years prior to your application submission.

How do I apply for the PMP Exam?

PMP exam application must be submitted online through PMI’s Online Certification System.

What are the fees for the PMP Exam?

The examination fees vary depending upon whether you are a PMI member.

For PMI Members

  • Computer-based exam: $405
  • Paper-based exam: $250

For Non-PMI Members

  • Computer-based exam: $555
  • Paper-based exam: $400

Tip: There’s an obvious benefit in joining PMI before signing up for the PMP exam. The discount on the exam is more than the membership fee.

Is it possible to apply for the PMP exam without being a PMI member?

Yes. You don’t need to be a PMI member to apply for PMP certification.  But be mindful PMI membership costs $139, but you get a $150 discount on the exam, so it’s clearly sensible to join!

Will PMI refund the membership discount, if I sign-up for the membership after submitting payment for the PMP Exam?

PMI members enjoy $150 discount on the PMP exam fee. However, you must be a PMI member at the time of submitting your payment for the PMP exam, in order to enjoy the discount. If you sign-up for the PMI Membership after submitting your payment for the exam, PMI would NOT refund the membership discount amount to you. Therefore, it is important that you sign-up for PMI membership before you submit your payment for the PMP exam.

How do I pay the fee for the PMP Exam?

You can pay the exam fee on PMI’s Online Certification System.

How long does PMI take to process each PMP Exam Application?

Applications submitted online, 5 business days.

Applications submitted via Paper by individuals, 10 business days

Applications submitted via corporations, 20 business days

How much time does it take to prepare for the PMP Exam?

There’s no right answer for this. Preparation time varies by individual. Most people take about 3 months for preparation. Some claim to do it within a month too, while others take as long as a year.

Is PMBOK Guide sufficient to clear the PMP Exam?

Simple answer is ‘no’. The PMP exam is not based on the PMBOK Guide. Rather it’s based on the PMP Exam Content Outline. There are topics on the PMP exam that aren’t covered in the PMBOK Guide. So, you cannot completely rely on the PMBOK Guide for your preparation. Usually, a combination of a good training program like ours for 35 Contact Hours of PM Education, the PMBOK Guide, a good PMP exam prep guide, access to test banks which we will provide and our insight and advice.   PMO Advisory is very experienced in getting you across the finish line and PMP Certified!