Join us for a symposium in New York City on April 30 addressing leadership and decision making in the era of man-made risks.

Leadership and Decision Making in the Era of Man-made Risk

(Organizational Resilience Amidst Climate Change, Cyber Risk and Terrorism)

Country Risk Solutions and At Risk are offering a symposium addressing how to achieve decision making agility in the era of man-made risks.


Led by two globally recognized risk management experts – Daniel Wagner and Nicki Kons – this one day high impact experience will provide the information along with practice and practical tips to enhance your decision making and risk skills. This two-part symposium will set the scene by highlighting the risks faced by decision makers today and in the years ahead, providing useful skills and information to tackle these risks.


  • Part 1: Led by Daniel Wagner, this presentation summarizes the most important aspects of his book “Global Risk Agility and Decision Making” and will address:
  • The impact of man-made risk on future profit, business continuity and survival.]
  • The rising threat of cyber-risk and why it can no longer be ignore.
  • How terrorism can impact business and what to do to mitigate it.
  • Why climate change can no longer be ignored by businesses.
  • How economic and resource nationalism can affect global businesses.
  • Why corporate social responsibility is not only the right thing to do, but good for business.

Participants will benefit from Wagner’s experience as a global commentator on such issues, and as an international risk manager working for some of the world’s best known and most respected organizations in the private and public sectors.

Part 2: How to become a 2020 resilient risk manager and decision maker. Nicki Kons guides you through the skill sets will you need for leadership and decision making in the era of man-made risk by covering Cognitive, Data, and Process skill sets. These will be explored through a reflection on:

  • How to incorporate the different man-made risk scenarios to strategic plans, what assumptions to use, and how Force Field Analysis can help in mapping out the relevant man-made risk.


  • Making smart cyber security choices: some cyber risks are common to most businesses, such as how to learn from mistakes of others in the cloud-based era.The Pre-mortem technique will be used to envision a cyber doomsday and trace what could have caused the hypothetical cyber risk.


  • Distinguishing between probability and impact when vis-a-vis terrorism risks, and using country risk data to determine terrorism risk.


  • The indirect impact of climate change disguises itself in many forms: weather, water, supplies, regulation, reputation, economic and resource nationalism. How and where to find reliable sources of information.


  • How high is the risk of economic and resource nationalism in year 2018? Is it higher than 10 years ago? Is it lower than 10 years from now? Exploring cognitive biases.

Daniel Wagner is CEO of Country Risk Solutions, with three decades of experience managing cross border risk for such organizations as AIG, GE, the Asian Development Bank and World Bank Group. He has served in a variety of roles, including as an insurance underwriter, corporate risk manager, and trusted advisor. Having published more than 500 articles on risk management and international affairs, he is also the author of four books: “Virtual Terror”, “Global Risk Agility and Decision Making”, “Managing Country Risk”, and “Political Risk Insurance Guide”.

Nicki Kons is CEO of Atrisks and an innovative risk and project management expert. Experienced with the High-Tec, Energy and Water, IT, Defense and consulting industries, Nicki believes in incorporating quantitative and qualitative risk analysis to achieve the best possible outcomes in decision-making. She is known for her inspirational risk concepts and processes which incorporate aspects of risk management from finance, business, engineering, IT and international relations into powerful risk management excellence.


  • Participants will benefit from Nicki’s experience working as a global risk expert and researcher improving decision and risk identification skills by using processes, data and cognitive skills. She is the author of: PVaR™: Project Value at Risk- a new way to connect risks to business outcomes and writes and speaks about national and project country risks.

Monday, April 30, 2018

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EDT

Join us for a symposium 46 Howard Street, New York, New York on April 30 addressing leadership and decision making in the era of man-made risks. Cyber threats, terrorism, and climate change demand bold new thinking from all types of decision makers. In this seminar, which will be for a full day, we will take a deep dive into how these risks are impacting organizations, and what can be done to mitigate the risks.   To register and receive a 10% discount, click here:


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